Nov 1, 2006

long day

I started the day at 5:30am so that I could get my upper body work out in before my pt appointment at 6:30am. Pt was good she really is trying to challenge me which is great. All sorts of one foot balance things to help strengthen my foot and leg. It was fun.
In the evening I met Colleen and Bryan for a 5 mile run from her place down and around green lake and back up. It was already dark and cold when we started. I rolled my ankle only about 2 blocks into the run - I was able etokeep going but my lower calf stayed tight the rest of the run. This morning it is still sore and tight esp when I'm barefoot and I even noticed it while I was swimming. But I would say only a 2-3 out of 10... Other than that I felt pretty good a little tired by the last bit running back up to Col's house. In general I was pleased with how I felt and did - esp since I would say I barely felt the pain in my right foot. :) Thankfully we all went out to dinner afterwards so no bonking like on Saturday..
This morning I did an easy 30 min swim - I only did two drills and just did laps. I felt good a little tired, and as I mentioned before my left ankle felt sore. I stretched everything out afterwards which felt really good. :)

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