Jan 31, 2007

easy run

This morning I considered going in to the gym and doing some leg strength training and abs but when my alarm went off I decided to stay in bed and sleep. I kind of figure with all the stress lately I can use the rest and I don't want to push to hard and get sick or anything right now.
Tonight I got back to running by running 4 easy miles with Steph. We ran from expedia out on 140th almost to Bel red road and then back through bcc to expedia - I think it was 4 miles and maybe a bit more - total time was 46.44. We ran a really easy pace and just enjoyed being out running again. I had no pain in my legs or feet so that was great.

Jan 30, 2007

evening swim

Right now I'm super tired but I felt good during my swim with Col tonight. She pushed me hard with 100 yrd "sprints" with short rests to help me get faster and all that. I can't rember the specifics right now.. but I think it was -
warm up 400
drills 200
5 x 100 w/ 15 - 20 second rests - about 1:55 each
200 w/ pull buoy
100 drafting
maybe 3 x 100 w/ 10 second rest - 1:53 fastest
200 w/ pull buoy
100 sprint - 1:52
50 cool down
Col said something like 1950 total yrds.
My legs still feel tight - they cramped up a bit when I used the pull buoy. Also I let my form go a bit when I was trying to swim faster which made my shoulder hurt a bit. Col noticed that I was pushing down and so I corrected and my shoulder soon felt better. I was happy with how I was able to push myself and swim hard even when I was out of breath. Next I need to start getting used to doing flip turns durring my sets. By the last "sprint" I was pretty tired but dug down and push my self as hard as I could.
On another note I need to work on eating more during the day. I'm not used to my new job and the routine but I need to bring more to eat and thus eat more. Right now I don't think I'm even getting 1000 calories a day. I'm going to try and track my meals again so I know for sure but will try and eat more and healthy food to.

Jan 29, 2007

back at it

This weekend I wish I could have been doing anything other than coaching/working a race - it felt like a waste of the wonder full sunny weather. But I had committed to helping so I spent all weekend standing on the hill getting a goggle sun/wind burn. The good thing was it confirmed to me that I am done with coaching this year - i need a break and have other interests. I do want to learn how to skate ski sometime this year - I think it would be a wonderful work out.
This morning I got back into the groove of things - I over slept a bit and missed a spin class but I still went and did 30 min on the elliptical to help loosen up my legs from the weekend and an upper body work out. It felt good to get back to working out again. I spent a good 20 min stretching to help loosen up - all my muscles still feel really tight and my calves are soar from standing in ski boots all day.
Other note the bike I was looking at (2006 cervelo R3) sold :( so now I'm going to look at some other bikes and see if I like then better than my current bike.

Jan 26, 2007

crazy crazy week

I have not worked out since last Sunday. I feel horrible about it (well actually I did not even have enough time to feel bad about it really). I started a new job as a web designer at starbucks, I had to finish a freelance gig for Kyle and some random other design stuff. I worked almost every waking hour and only got a few hours of sleep each night. Today things are starting to get back to normal - well sort of anyway. After work I went and did hot yoga to help stretch out. It felt wonderful. Now if only I did not have to coach this weekend so I could go play in the sun.

Jan 21, 2007

500 TT

I took yesterday off and just worked and had acupuncture to help relax and ease the pain if my right IT band. I had planned on swimming and biking but did neither :(
Today I had to work most of the day as well. I was super jealous kyle and Col went for a run and because of work and my IT band I could not go run to :( Luckily they were both ok with going swimming in the evening with me :)

warm up 300
drills 200
50 w/ pull
150 w/ pull
500 TT - 10.35
250 w/ pull
150 w/ pull
50 w/ pull
cool down 100

I was a little bummed by my 500 time since it is the same as last time - but last time I only swam 700 or so before and this time I swam 1100 before. My endurance has improved leaps and bounds. I only need 15 sec rests between longer sets and I am swimming longer distances consistently. Yeah I may not be any faster but I'm training for an Ironman not a sprint and it is only January I still have tons of time.
Other than that I felt pretty good _ mostly I just enjoyed getting away from work for a bit and working out with Kyle and Col - they are both an insperation. My legs cramped when I used the pull buoy but mostly felt ok. I made sure to strech them while they were warm to help get them back to normal.

Jan 19, 2007

pain like no other before

On Tuesday I was supposed to run 7 mile but with the snow and lack of coordination that day I postponed my long run for today. Bad idea.. Anyway. I spent a while trying to find a good place to run 7 miles on the east side - never really found anything that seemed good so I settled for the samm trail.. I took my ipod to keep me entertained. I also for the first time wore my fuel belt so I had some fluids and a gu. Of course as soon as I get to the trail it started raining. Anyway I ran 3.5 miles out on the trail - I felt ok a little tired, I had forgot my watch (arg) so I just focused on an even pace.
My left ankle/calf was tight so at half way I stoped to stretch it a bit - then I think it is my right IT band locked up around my knee - especially the outside. I could not even move it hurt so bad - but I was 3.5 miles away from my car.. So I tried massaging it and stretching it as much as I could then slowly walking which hurt a lot. Slowly it loosened enough for me to walk consistently. Then I tried to run again - it cramped so I went back to walking and tried again a couple times. Finally I was able to run a mile before it hurt to much again. So I walked some more. Tried running again and was able to a bit but not much I wound up walking the last mile completely. It sucked big time. It was not like anything that I have ever felt before - it was not like a bonking cramp or anything. I had a gu half way and Gatorade a couple time and some water with the gu. So I have no clue what happened but I do not like it. I'm just glad I was able to make it back to my car since I was alone - probably what kept me moving and that it was cold when I was not running. Even now it still hurts to walk. I streched my IT band and used the stick on my quads, IT, hamstrings and calves - it hurts most when I try and bend my knee.
On a brighter note I got the web design job at Starbucks and I start on Monday :)

Jan 18, 2007

fresh air

The weather held off long enough for Col and I to go for a ride outside. The back roads still have snow and ice on them but we were determined to get off our trainers and get outside for a longer ride. We thought we would try the Samm trail since the roads are covered in sand. We gout out 4 miles or so and the trail was covered in snow and ice which was really sketchy on road bikes. We turned around and went back with a head wind. By the time we got back to the park both of us had to shed a layer. So that we got a longer ride we decided to brave the sand on the west lake samm lake road. On the first uphill I started feeling some tightness in my left quad on the outside of the knee. Col suggested it my just be a tight IT band pulling on it - as a quick fix she suggested I turn my toe out slightly and it seemed to help. It never got worse which is good.
The road conditions sucked it was either gravel on the side or crack, with gravel and other debris. Right by the little store Colleen tried to avoid a large pot hole on the shoulder by going into the roadway and her bike slipped on the gap between the surfaces. Luckily it is winter and she was wearing lots of layers - turned out to be good protection. At this point we turned around and went back. We were both way more cautious on the way back.
Since my bike computer did not want to work I have no idea how long we rode, how fast, how many miles (I think Col said 22 but not sure) - so a new bike computer has been added to my long list of things I need...
I have to say yes the conditions sucked but it was sooo great to be outside again and actually go somewhere when I turned the pedals. I'm not so sure Col would agree.. But we both proved we are tuff chicks just by being out there and Col is a super tuff chick by getting up after that fall and riding back. As always my coach is an amazing inspiration to me especially in the tuff moments.

Jan 17, 2007

a good day

Today was a good day. I started it out swimming 2400 yrds. The pool was surprisingly crowded. The break down is warm up 400
drills 200
6x25 - hard
cool down 200
I felt really good - I focused on keeping an even pace and minimising my rest times between 10-30 seconds. Even when I was done I felt like I could keep going for a while but it was to crowded so I got out.
What also made today a good day was I had an interview with Starbucks and it seemed to go well. Hopefully I will know tomorrow or on Friday. Also Kyle hooked me up with some good freelance work and I have another interview on Friday. It seems everyone except MS wants to talk to me. lol

Jan 14, 2007

watch your step

The weekend flew by.. Saturday I went up to Hyak and coached skiing - though there was a mix up or bad planning and I really did not need to be there. Super annoying but oh well I could have run a 10k with kyle but whatever it was a relatively nice day... I had planned on getting a swim in afterwards but instead I fell asleep on the coach for 2 plus hours..
Sunday I did not bother going up to coach - so I tried to sleep in and then watched the Seahawks game - which was disappointing... My calves were/are sore and I feel kind of tired still. In the evening Kyle and I went swimming together :). The plan was to do somewhere between 1600 and 1800 yrds total depending on how we felt.
warm up 300
drills 200
150 x 2
100 x 3
50 x 4
Total 1800 yrds Total time around 45 min
I felt ok - kind of tired and I had a really bad headache. I averaged between 55 - 60 second per 50 yrds and tried to stay focused the entire time - no spacing out... After doing my main sets I goofed off and practiced flip turns and stuff with Kyle. It made my weekend to get to swim/workout with Kyle - we never get to spend enough time doing things together.
Hopefully this week I will really get rid of the last of this dumb cold and the snow/ice will melt so I don't fall again going to the mail box. I bruised my elbow and my hip (not fun). It is strange but I'm soo ready for warm dry weather again.

Jan 12, 2007

low on energy

I seem to be having a hard time getting over this dumb cold - I'm looking forward to the day I wake up and have energy. With that said I swam 2200 yrds today and 30 min on the stairmill.
First the swim - warm up 200
drills 100
4 x 50 easy
3 x 100 moderate
2 x 150 moderate
1 x 200 moderate
2 x 150 moderate
3 x 100 moderate
4 x 50 - sprint 25 recover 25
cool down 100
total 2200 yrds total time 63 min
I really focused on consistent pace - 60 second per 50 yrds and maintaining good form even when I got tired. Generally I felt pretty good - no sinking feeling. Since I did not have a ton of energy I kept things pretty easy hence the slower pace but I kept the rest times pretty short - max 30 seconds and 15 or so between sets. I also worked on breathing less - I kept it between 3-5 per 25 yrds - even on the longer sets. I also did a few flip turns - the pool was a bit crowed and I'm still learning..
After I swam I did 30 min on the stairmill which I felt I needed to do since I have to coach skiing this weekend and who knows if I will have the energy to do any workouts after a day on the hill freezing.

Jan 11, 2007

my bike does fit in the mini

Once again there is snow outside my door - which ruined the plan 2 hour ride outside today with Col. :( Instead I packed my bike and trainer into the mini and headed over to Col's house to do a brick. The main roads were not to bad and the freeways even better.
We did 60 min of riding on the trainers - I mostly just moved through my gears did a min on each kind of thing and a few longer "hills" on a high resistance. I felt really good actually. We distracted ourselves by watching the "What it takes" dvd which helped more than the spinervals did the other day. I miss my bike...
Afterwards we changed in to warm clothes and headed down to the green lake 3.25 mile loop. It was sunny and cold - very cold, there was wind from the north and the path was super slick. My legs felt good the 1st mile or so then they got heavy esp when the wind blew. It did not help that I still have a runny nose (which became worse due to the cold temps) so I could not really breath out of it the entire time. I felt really slow - but I guess I finished around 29.15 - around a 9 min mile which seems to be pretty standard these days for me (which I don't like). But I'm glad we did it though I still had fun :) and it was great being outside in the sun. I need to get rid of the cold so I can feel better and push myself..

Jan 9, 2007

horizontal rain

I wussed out and did my 4 mile run inside rather then braving the pouring rain and wind.. Right away I did not really feel good - it felt like I had a brick in my stomach. I'm not sure why and it never went away. But I did finish my 4 miles and a 10 min hill in 36 min - 9 min mile pace the whole time. My legs are a little tight, and so are my lats - but no big deal I streched out after I finsihed my run. Other than my stomach it was a very uneventful run.

flip turns

This morning I got up ever earlier 5:10am to go swimming. I warmed up and swam about 600 yrds before a swim lesson. I still felt slow but it was good to be in the water.
The lesson was really about fine tuning and remembering everything. So he started out with my hand/arm position - I guess I was letting my right arm drift inside. So I did the usual drills but being aware of where and how lined up my arm was (like railroad tracks) at the same time remembering to rotate. Then focused on the catch, or using my hand and wrist to almost grab the water to pull against. I did the fist drill to exaggerate it and to really feel it on my wrist and arm. Next was to focus on really reach or stretch out - he talked about it as being aware of or focusing on using the forward motion or something like that. I guess really good swimmers are moving forward rather than pulling back or something.. Ah well I can't describe it but by this time I feel really good - no more slow sinking feeling. lol
Then he taught me how to do a flip turn. Starting with doing a somersault - of course I forgot to blow air out and got water up my nose.. Next did a somersault half way down the pool length and kept going with out pushing off the bottom - no water up my nose this time :) Anyway by the end of the progression I could do a kick turn off the wall - half the time I'm to far away but I'll figure it out the more I practice. Afterwards the lap pool was packed so I just practiced my flip turns in the recreation pool (which was crazy warm and has no lines) but no one to hit. lol
Since I'm only sort of working so I'm splitting up my work outs to entertain myself. Later today I will do a 4 mile run. Also I have started meal tracking really just because traininpeaks offered it. It is very obvious that I don't eat enough and I defiantly need more protein.. So I'm going to start focusing more on nutrition and getting more than 1200 calories a day would be good to... The weird thing is I only eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full - but I guess I can't go on that any more (or I should eat more super high calorie foods).

Jan 8, 2007

almost back

Today was my first day with no job and yet I still got up before 6 am. lol I got to the gym a bit late and missed the start of the 6am spin class so I just did 15 min cardio on the elliptical to warm up then I did an upper body work out. I felt pretty good - though still dealing with a tiny bit of a cold which is annoying. It mostly just makes it hard to breath and is keeping my energy levels down. I spent some time streching out - my legs and lower back are kind of tight.
I had really wanted to go outside and ride but I had to wait for Kyle's new rain bike to be delivered and by the time it was it was dark :( I did not feel like dealing with the crowds at the gym so I set up the trainer and did 60 min on it. I found it hard to keep a smooth stroke and my seat is not very comfortable when I'm down in the aero bars. I struggled the entire time to stay focused and not just be done with it. I watched a spinnervals video which helped some but still I just never got in a rhythm or anything. I was just glad when I was done. In all it made me aware that my bike is badly in need of a tune up, I need to adjust or get a new seat, and my cleats need to be adjusted - it is really to hard to get my right foot in. So I'm glad I did it.

Jan 7, 2007

another stormy weekend

I'm really looking forward to when everything including the weather just calm down. On Friday night around 12:30 pm a tree fell on Kyle's mom's house - right through the kitchen and living room the only thing that stopped it was a bean across the roof line of the house. Saturday we went out and helped her clean up and Kyle chopped the wood after the tree guys got it off the house. I kind of just helped out where I could and made sure she was eating and doing ok. So I did not get a chance to do any real work out other than cleaning up branches and such.

Sunday we planned on going snowshoeing but the pass was closed on and off so Bman, Col and I met to do a 5 mile run instead. We did the loop around green lake and up to the zoo and stuff. It was crazy windy the entire time at one point I actually was blown into the side of a power pole - "at least it kept me from going into the road" but it kind of hurt. In general I felt pretty good - still a little rundown from the cold and dehydrated. I got little dizzy on the last mile but I kept up fairly well with Bman and sort of with Col (well not really but she went easy). Total time was 47.32.56.
Later we all hung out while Bman watched football and Col checked out Training Peaks online training planner. So she did a 7 day free trial to see if we all like it. So far I totally love it but I like tracking my workouts and stuff - who knows if anyone else in the group will go for it but so far I love it - now I don't have to do any of the math. It also tracks meals so maybe it will help motivate and remind me to eat heathy. It even does a public summery report URL - http://www.TrainingPeaks.com/snowygrl

Jan 5, 2007

just starting to be able to breath again

Yesterday I got sick - I hate getting sick. I could not breath and my head hurt so I took the day off from exercising. Today I feel much better I can sort of breath - still a bit congested but not as bad. Depending on how the rest of the day goes I might either do the 3 mile run that is planned or go for a swim and do the run this weekend.
In other news today is my last day as a contractor at MSN - I have reached my year max and now I have to either take 100 days off or go full time employee. Supposedly I will have an interview around the end of January for full time - but I'm not holding my breath at this point. On the positive side I get to spend more time training until the right job opportunity comes my way.

Jan 3, 2007

still recovering it seems

Yesterday I did Pilate's in the morning - my legs and back were sooo tight some of the stretches were sort of painful. But afterwards I could walk and only felt the lactic acid going down stairs.
Later in the evening I met Col at the pool. I felt generally kind of tired but I thought nothing of it till I swam so slow I thought I would sink.
We did 300 - warm up, 200 - drills, 300, 150 x 2, 100 x 3, 50 x 4 (wanted to do 6 but ran out of time).
My 100s are usually around 1:50 but last night they were closer to 2:10 :( oh well. We did the 50's as a 25 sprint and 25 recover I was at least able to do 25 sec sprint.
This morning I woke up with a sore throat :( but went to spinning for 60 min - I took it a little easy since my legs are still tired and I'm not feeling my best. I really like the Wednesday morning class - it is focused on endurance and maintaining a higher cadence with resistance for longer periods of time. Though spinning just makes me want to get outside and ride. After the class I stretched out my legs as much as possible and did an arm work out.
I think I may take tomorrow as my rest day and do the planned 3 mile run on Friday - just to get my system back in gear.

Jan 1, 2007

starting 2007 right

Friday I was bad and let the stress from not knowing the status of my job keep me from doing my workout. I kind of broke down and the only thing I did was have a massage - but I had no motivation to do much of anything else. I felt/feel bad about how sporadic I have been on my work outs lately. I should not let this other stuff get in the way esp since I have no control over it and I do have control over if I do my work outs.

I sort of made up for the missed work out by skiing on Saturday and Sunday - well more specifically I worked/coached for a ski race both days which involves being on the hill by 7am, caring gear, setting up girls and guys courses, maintaining both, resetting for second run, maintaining, then pulling everything down - no real breaks and you eat a lunch on the go. Saturday was giant slalom, it was super cold and the fog never really cleared, the courses held up fairly well considering the snow was so soft (not ideal for racing). I don't think I ate enough - I had a bad headache all day (like if I don't eat after a run). We got home around 5:30 or so and even though I had wanted to go for a swim to make up for Friday and to loosen up after shivering all day I fell asleep on the coach around 7p and was in bed by 9pm.
Sunday was slalom - always more work involved - the snow was so soft we had to put wood shims/wedges on all the gates just to try and keep them in the snow. I covered the last 20 gates or so of the hill - so if a gate came loose I ran up or down to it wrenched/screwed it back in and tried to make it stay that way. The girls courses held up ok - only the first 40 girls or so really even hit the gates hard enough to make them come loose. But the guys really beat up a course - the gates just did not stay tight no matter how many wedges I put in or how much I wrenched them in. So I would say Sunday was equal to climbing stairs from 9 am to 4pm in ski boots. I was actually surprised at how easy it was - I was able to run up the hill with out breathing to hard (I guess that is why I got to cover so many gates). Though by 2pm or so I was tired and had already taken my two gels, a bar and my lunch - but no headache :). I think the new Accelerade gels - helped keep me from getting a headache - not to thick, taste good and have protein. The good thing was all that running up and down kept me way warmer even though the temps were lower. But the bad thing was by the end of the day my feet and calves killed (from using my boot to bang in the wedges and ski boots are not really meant for running up and down hills all day). I was completely exhausted. I trided to stay up for New Years but fell asleep around 9pm - Kyle woke me up at 12 to say happy new year and we were both back asleep :)
Today I woke up not being able to walk because my calves hurt so I stayed in bed till 9 or so. I thought about swimming today instead of the planned 4-5 mile run but it bothered me so much to miss my work out on Friday, so even though it hurt to walk I went out and did a 4.4 mile run. I ran 2.2 miles down hill to my dads house and then 2.2 miles back up hill to get home. My calves did ok on the run down hill, but the bone spur on my heel was already raw and kind of hurt, my legs just felt heavy. The run back was very hard - it is a gradual long hill back and my calves and hamstrings just plain hurt but I kept going and kept my pace up as much as I could. My total time was 32.16.53 - 1st half was 14.16 and the 2nd was 18.00.53. Afterwards I stretched and had a smoothie. Even though I am tired and very sore I'm very happy I actually made it out and did my run :) In the future I'm not so sure about doing a run the day after skiing for 2 days straight.