Nov 8, 2006

500yrd swim

Last night Colleen swam with me. The plan was to do a 500yrd time trial of sorts to see where I stood and what my goal times should be for 100yrds. I started with 300yrd warm up - 250yrds of drills - 150 yrd with the pull buoy - 500 yrds in 10:35 - 100 yrs x 3-4 - then cool down 50yrds. (or something like that) I was surprised that the 500yrd was not too hard - yes it was tiring but I was able to just keep going and going.My time was alright; Colleen finished 75-50 yrds ahead of me :) But hey I did not drown :) Now just like in my running I need to work on speeding up..

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