Nov 22, 2006

ghost town

This morning I went to the morning spin class - it was an endurance ride so I pretty much fallowed the class. Though in an effort to maintain this weeks taper plan I kept the intensity down and only road for 45 min with the cadence at 85-100 with moderate resistance. I felt good - got my heart rate up and spun out my legs pretty well. Afterwards I spent about 20 min stretching out my legs and feet esp. My core is a tiny bit sore from Pilate's and yoga the day before but it should be resolved by this weekend. :)
Side note found this great article that finally justifies why I only drink hot coco during the week and not coffee - caffeine increase endurance. The key point I think is that "Caffeine loses its beneficial effects with repeated exposure, so athletes who want to gain maximum advantage from caffeine during competition should avoid drinking caffeinated beverages when they are not exercising." I know a lot of poeple who don't want to hear that...

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