Dec 30, 2009

Bring on 2010

2009 was a good year filled with a few races and a lot of great training but I feel ready to start focusing on 2010 and the training for Ironman Coeur d'Alene in June. Sure I have been training but it is a bit more relaxed and nothing to long yet. Kainoa has been sure to let me know that starting in Jan I don't get to be as relaxed about my training... Not totally sure what that means but to be honest I can't wait. I am looking forward to double training days, long rides, runs, lots of Gu and recovery drinks and even the swims. I feel happy with where my fitness is right now and feel like after the last couple of years I will be able to not just get through the training but be able to push myself a bit more. Not to mention after a year of not having any major focus I am looking forward to having a challenge/Ironman to work towards again.

Since I'm a planner type of person I have been thinking a lot about what else I want to do this coming year both in preparation for IM CDA and after. But to be honest I have not really decided on any races. I do know that I will do two training camps in Coeur d'Alene, the 1st with a friend Michael at the end of April and then a 2nd camp with Pauole Sport team at the end of May. I really like the idea of spending plenty of time getting to know the course and taking advantage of being only about a 4 hour drive away.

As far as races I want to find a relatively flat half marathon between Feb and April.. I would prefer local but Kainoa doesn't want me to run the Mercer Island half because the road is so canted and I got hurt running the course this summer. Sam is trying to talk me into the Country Music Half Marathon but it is just a week before one of the training camps I am doing and not sure I want to travel that far. I also just looked at the Wenatchee Half Marathon which is a week earlier in April so that might be a good option. But I am still looking and open to any suggestions.

I also want to run a couple small 5k, 10k, or maybe even a sprint tri just for fun and for mental training more than anything to get used to race nerves ect. But that will probably be it before CDA - no official half ironman distance race but I talked to Kainoa and she is not worried.. I will just do one in training (maybe I can talk Kyle into pushing/pacing me).

After IM CDA I plan on pretty much taking July off - maybe do Seafair Sprint again since it is a team race but not much more than that. I would like to do a half Ironman in August or even better in September and then a marathon in the fall/winter. Though I have also been toying around with the idea of some long trail running but it all depends on how my legs hold up with the running - lately I keep having issues so we will just see.

Now I just have to figure out what we are doing for New Years Eve tomorrow night...

Dec 20, 2009

12K's of Christmas Holiday Run

I had decided to do 12K's of Christmas Holiday Run a couple of months ago when my Mom started asking what runs she could do to stay motivated.. I knew it was hilly but that was about all I knew. So my Mom & I signed up for the 12k and Kyle and Sam signed up for the 5k to race against each other for bragging rights...

The race did not start till 9:30a so I got to sleep in till 7a and we met up at my Mom's office around 8:30a so that there was plenty of time to warm up and use the restroom ect.

Kyle, Sam and I headed out on a warm up run along the water front. I could tell my legs did not feel fast and even more annoying my shoes felt slippery on the wet pavement (worst thing ever on a hilly course). I immediately got to hot with my gloves on and then realized I was wearing way to much - I did not need a vest and wished I had wore shorts instead of capris. Of course as soon as we finished the warm up run it started raining and got a bit colder so I decided to put my vest back on... It was pleasantly surprised I saw a bunch of people from the team and other friends all of which I did not know would be there.

I lined up and Col & Bman found me then Cathleen. Almost as soon as the race started I could tell my legs were not interested in racing and they all ran away from me up the hill. Within the first 5 min or so I was over heating and could not take a deep breath at all. Sooo I slowed down and tried to take a deep breath but I really struggled. Saying that I looked at my garmin and I had run a 7:59 mile - just a little faster than I had wanted esp with a hill.

Needless to say I was SO happy when I saw Jerry around the 2nd mile so I tossed my vest and wished I could have tossed my capris as well.
The rest of the 12k's I mainly focused on just getting done. My legs and lungs did not feel right. I struggled even on the downhills to pick up my leg speed - which was not helped by the slippery shoes. My pace slowed on the long uphill climb and I just tried to manage it. I started pouring water on my head to help with over heating and at the one water station I grabbed 2 cups of water and dumped them on my head. I think the volunteers were a bit shocked but I was so hot.

I remember looking at my garmin again at the 6k mark and it said :31 and realized that Kyle & Sam were long done and I was so jealous. I tried my best to push the pace a bit on the last 3k back to the finish but it was just not happening. As i came into the finish I heard Kyle and Sam cheering and gave them the disappointed face... but I was so happy to just be done so I could try and breath.

The final stats
gun time: 1:03:39
chip time: 1:03:28
pace: 8:31
overall place: 324 out of 1180
division place: 21 out of 146
gender place: 127 out of 744

splits per mile
1 07:59
2 7:49
3 9:15
4 9:08
5 8:09
6 8:37
7 8:34
last .47 3:55

Avg Heart Rate 181 bpm
Max Heart Rate 189 bpm (mile 3 & finish)

Elevation profile

After I finished I found out that Sam beat Kyle in the 5k by about :40 seconds. Saying that they were both crazy fast. Sam came in 7th overall and Kyle was 10th overall. My guess is that this will not be the last time they race each other... lol

A little while later we watched my Mom finish the 12k's - she finished in 1:20:11 - faster than she expected :) I am so proud of her for sticking with the running thing. I know she is more excited about Belly Dancing but I love that she runs.

Overall I am fine with my time but very disappointed with how my body felt on the run - yes I understand it is a race and a hilly one at that but still my legs should not have felt heavy and so slow. I am hoping that I get some answers about the breathing issues on Wed when I go see a doctor (made the appointment last month). I will also be looking at what I am eating and when ect.

It still was a great way to celebrate the holidays with friends and family :)