Nov 12, 2006

keeping everything in perspective

Yesterday I did a 6 mile run at race pace or faster. I ran with Kyle, Colleen and Bryan and they all run faster then me so to eaven stay some what close to them I had to really push myself to run faster. They were running about an 8 min mile and I was around 8.30. We ran around green lake and up by the zoo, which added some hills and even more challenge. Which is what I need since the Seattle Half is considered moderately hilly. In general it was a difficult run esp mentally - I was always behind teh group trying to catch up or keep up. It is really hard to keep it in perspective - I'm running with people who have run all their lives and I really did not start running till May 2206 and really did not run outside much till September of this year.. So I have to remember that I'm doing good and that it is ok not be able to keep up with everyone still. Which is exactly why I started training for IMC in Sept and even though it is really hard to not be in with the group it is really good that I'm even near the group. :)
After the run I did everything I could to not bonk - and it pretty much worked. I really liked the Endurox R4 recovery drink - the fruit punch was yummy and easy to drink after the run when I usually don't feel like eating. Though we went to see the Departed movie - which was very good but I clenched my jaw the whole time so I got a tension headache. At least I was able to sleep the entire night and did not wake up till 7am (which is sleeping in for me).
This morning my legs felt a little sore still so I bailed on going to hot yoga and instead went swimming. I planned on swimming about 1600yrds - but the pool was FILLED with little screaming children. I swam in the multi purpose pool till a group lesson started in the lane next to me and I just could not concentrate at all so I only wound up swimming for about 30 min and I lost track of the yrds. note to self don't go swimming on a Sunday at 10am. At least it was enough to warm up and stretch out a bit.
I signed up for a Plates class for December - Monday mornings - and for a private lesson this Thursday (only day one was open). I'm excited about that - I really hope it can help me balance out and stay injury free :)

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