Dec 14, 2007

Jingle Bell Run

The Jingle Bell Run was a very very cold morning - I even wore my warmest pair of full leg tights which I never run in. But it felt cold enough to justify the full tights and gloves, hat, jacket - pretty much the works. It was hard leaving the warmth of the car.
I could have sworn when we registered they mentioned to pick up a timing chip on the day of race so we went through Westlake center and asked around but no body knew anything about timing chips - one lady said "well it is a fun run". How does having a timing chip make it less fun. Oh well I had my garmin...
After they did the kids run they had the start for our group the Rudolph's Runners - there were a ton of high school age cross country kids at the front of the line and big groups of people in holiday costumes having fun.

I fallowed Kyle up to start near the front since it was so crowded. I should have done a little warm up but didn't.
The coursed started with an uphill - I took off to fast and spiked my heart rate and lunges with a min or less and it killed me the rest of the climb (first mile was 6:26). Then I spend the next mile trying to maintain a good pace while recovering. At the top of the kill the course goes on to the I5 express lanes which was cool and unique for about a minute then it becomes dark, dreary and boring as it continues for the next 2.5 miles on the freeway. I was really disappointed - I was hoping to run through the city and see the holiday decorations and stuff - serves me right for not really looking at at the course I guess.
Kyle and I saw each other as I was getting close to the turn around point - I think I was only a min or so behind him. As the course exits the tunnel/freeway back into the city streets it started to snow - which I loved. I was also glad to see the finish though my garmin said I was already done with 5k.. oh well I picked up the pace - at least it was all downhill to the finish.
The final distance was 3.28 miles(vs 3.1 for a 5k) and my time was 24:50. Not bad for having tired legs and starting to fast. I don't know if I will be inclided to do it again just because the course is so boring but it is one of those local races you have to do once just to say you have I guess.

Kyle and I after finishing.
I'm not sure why but I look retarded in this pic but of well.

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Coach Tammy said...

Ooooh! If I had known Starbucks Man was gonna be there, I woulda come... back pain or not.

BTW, not looking retarded!

Happy Holly-daze!