Nov 21, 2006

cardio and pilates

This morning I planned on running a moderate 4 miles but my foot was slightly sore (only 2 out of 10) but in the effort to calm it down and all that I did my 4 miles on the elliptical. I only survived thanks to my trusty video ipod for distraction. Afterwards I did some stretching esp my foot and calves. I also did a few of the balance exercises for my foot - ie standing on the disc barefoot while tossing a ball back and forth. I did this for 5 min or so then stretched again.
I also had my second Pilate's lesson - we focused mostly on pulling my shoulder down and back and strengthening my core esp my obliques. She noticed that the right side of my back is a lot stronger and has a lot more muscle so next time we will work on strengthening the left side. She also had me do a lot of stretching. It was good I felt more energised afterwards.
I'm super annoyed that I can feel my foot again.. I don't really get it. But in an effort to help it I'm icing it as I write this and have been rolling a tennis ball under it to help loosen it as well.. I'm going to try and stay optimistic - the good thing is even if it does hurt like it has this week I don't see it effecting Sunday - it is just annoying not to bad.

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