Jul 26, 2009

Swedish Summer Run 10k 2009

A while ago my Mom decided on a 10k to run in preperation for running the nike half marathon in October. She choose teh Swedish SummerRun because she liked that it was in support of the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research. I decided to run it in support of my Mom and because why not it is a 10k and would be a good bench mark for my marathon training.
On July 27th my Mom picked me up at 6am and we headed to the start. I have to say I looked at the course map a bit but there was no elevation map and since it was "just" a 10k did not really worry about it much. So it was not til that morning that I really figured out that the course is actually very hilly. Oh well no really time goal mostly Kainoa wanted me to run negatives and push myself and see what I could do.
Ok so we got there super early, got front row parking pretty much, no lines at the porta potties and I had plenty of time to do my :20 min warm up. My Mom fallowed behind me and we ran around the block a few times and added a few pick ups just to get the heart rate up.
The 10k runners lined up at the start after they did a aerobics warm up thing that i have never seen at at he start of race before but most people seemed to have fun with it. We started not to far forward but not to far back either. We wished each other luck and we were off and running.
My race plan was to start conservative and then pick up the effort through out and finish as strong and fast as I could not leaving anything for later. Just run hard.
I think teh chart from my garmin shows it best. The grey line is the elevation and the red is my heart rate.

I did my best to keep at it even up the hills that seemed to go on forever. I seriously think it was 2 miles of flat/downhill and 4 miles of uphill. The weirdest part of the race was how quiet it was all you could hear was shoes hitting the pavement and nothing else except one lady that every time she saw a volunteer she thanked them.
Since they had water on the course and it was only a 10k I decided not to carry my own liquids which was kind of nice except I did manage to get water up my nose at one point which was fun... After that I mostly just tossed the water on my head.
The kind of annoying part was when the 5k merged with the 10k course and a lot of the 5k people were all over the road with strollers and everything.

Since I did not know the course I just focused on increasing my effort as I went hills or no hills.. well there were lots of hills even up to the finish line. I heard Chris (Kainoa's Husband cheer me on) and then saw Jerry and the finish line.

My mile splits were
1 - 7:59
2 - 7:54
3 - 7:35
4 - 9:16
5 - 8:30
6 - 7:20
.34 - 2:48

Gun Time 00:51:34
Chip Time 00:51:23
Average Pace 00:08:17

20-29 AG 5th/134

Not a PR for me but I am happy with the effort and I followed my race plan so I would call it a good race :)

My mom also did a great job. She kept running up all the hills and I am so proud of her. She is so cute look at that smile :)
My Mom's final times
Gun Time 01:04:50
Chip Time 01:04:37
Average Pace 00:10:24

50-59 AG 10th/24

A good day all in all for Team Super Cute

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