Nov 24, 2006

one day to go

Today I did my last short run before the Seattle Half on Sunday. I was a little scared to go since my foot has been bothering me but go figure once I got out there it felt just fine. I had pt this morning - just doing ultrasound, stretching, massage and ice no exercises. They really froze it though made me super cold for over an hour afterwards. lol Once I warmed up and talked to Col - who said I should still get out and move my legs. Since I always do what she says (lol) I went for a 27 min run from the house. I avoided all the concrete sidewalk in favor of asphalt. I also did four 25 second pick ups. It was super cold and a bit windy but I just took it easy and focused on loosening up my legs. The only thing was that my left ankle was a bit tight.
Luckily afterwards I had a massage which focused on loosening up my legs and back - she only harped on my shoulder a little bit. After a nap Kyle and I went to pick up the race packets for Col & I and check out the expo. Since we both LOVE sports clothing we did a little bit of damage at the expo. I got a new blue running hat, a blue shirt and jacket that I will wear on Sunday :) Kyle got a bunch of shirts. I made dinner (I know shocking) of a salad with avocados, pasta and a liter of water.
I have been thinking about what I will eat tomorrow and for breakfast on Sunday. Tomorrow meal plan:
breakfast - oatmeal with raisins, oj
snack - yogurt smoothly with fruit & granola
lunch - pasta with veggies
snack - half bagel with pj or cream cheese
dinner - cream of wheat
drink total of 1 gal of water
Sunday early morning I will have an ensure shake and some toast with cream cheese

Tomorrow is all about resting and staying off my feet and doing a bit of stretching to stay loose.

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