Nov 3, 2006

everyone decided to swim this morning

I had a hard time getting out of bed but once I made it though my warm up I felt better - well and after a gu and some Gatorade on the way to the gym. I stuck to the workout plan (even the rest times). The only thing was I did one of the 100yrd sets with a pull buoy and kicking with a kick board hurt my shoulder so I kicked on my back which also let me relax my neck and back a bit more to.

1800 swim workout = 55.42.41 total swim time (I can't figure out how to get my lap times off my watch lol)
w/u 250 (100swim, 50 kick, 100 pull buoy)
1 X 300 yds, 1 minute rest
2 X 150 yds, 45 sec rest
3 x 100 yds 30 sec rest
4 X 50 yds 15 sec rest
4 X 50 yds kicks
cool down 150

I'm a bit tired but I'm going to try to refuel really well and go to bed early so I have energy for tomorrows run.

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