Nov 9, 2006

60 second tempo

Once it became light enough I went out in the rain and ran 4 miles with 4 X 60 second tempo intervals in 35.12. I started at Marymoore park - the trail was super slippery with the rain and all the leaves - a couple times my feet slipped out from underneath me but I never fell thank fully. I'm not sure why it was soo slippery but oh well.. I felt pretty good though a little cautious and no pain in my foot :) All in all it was a fun morning which helped wake me up for the day.

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Jessica said...

Hi! Just found your blog through Steven's. Looks like we have the same race schedule for next year - Issaquah, Pac Crest, and IMC! (I'm also doing Troika half-IM in August.)

Good luck to you!