Mar 25, 2007

10k race and more

This morning was the Mercer Island 10k - of course it was pouring rain all day yesterday, all night and still coming down this morning. Bryan (doing the half) and I were the only people in our crew doing the race so we carpooled and both braved the rain. My goal was to run sub 9 min miles - Col estimated 58 min total for my goal and I wanted to beat 54 min total time. I got started at 9 am - still pouring rain. It was crowded but it seemed to thin out quickly so I did not have a hard time getting up to my desired pace. I warmed up pretty quickly - took the gloves off by mile 2 and hat off by mile 2.5 and had my rain jacket unzipped to get some cool air. I felt really good and had no pain in either feet or shins/calves - it was wonderful esp since the course was rolling hills the whole way. A mile from the finish I saw that I was ahead of my 54 min goal and tried to pick the pace up a bit even though there is an up hill right before the finish. I came across the finish and my watch said 52:45 - guntime was 52:58 but it took a little bit to get across the startline (they have not posted official chip times yet). No matter I'm very happy with how I did :)
Afterwards I tried to find Kyle - he was going to meet me with dry clothes and stuff but had a hard time fining parking so I actually beat him to the finish. haha. We hung out and waited for Bryan to finish his half marathon - he had a similar goal of sub 9 min pace. Futa showed up and we all cheered Bryan in - he finished about 1:54 - he was pleased. We went to Starbucks first then breakfast at Gilbets in Bellevue - both super yummy and I ate my entire order of french toast which is unheard of.
Kyle and I got home took quick showers then since it was sunny (yes sunny) we got suited up to go for a bike ride. I did not want to go out to long or hard but I have been itching to get a ride out on my new bike. So we drove down to Marymoore and just went out and back on the trail for a total of 20.2 miles in about 1:10.

I LOVE my bike - it feels like I'm on a race car. I did get a bit tired about half way which was not helped by a bad headwind the entire way back. I just tried to stay on Kyle's wheel so I could draft behind him and not completely exhaust myself. We made it back to the park and Kyle road up the hills back to the house so he could get more of a workout in while I drove the truck :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey snowygrl,
Thanks for sharing your blog and workout stuff with me and er Adam :) I am meeting with a coach tomorrow so I wanted to get a sense of what to look for in a program. Great job today! You inspire me to get back into it.
Amy Ford (Adam's wife)