Jun 1, 2008

mini race report

Just a really quick overview of the race yesterday.. It can be summed up as hot and very windy esp effecting the swim and the bike.

The swim was choppy - every-time I tried to sight I got salt water up my nose and could not see the buoys anyway because of the waves. Even so I felt good in the water and was surprised it took me so long to complete.
The Bike was windy - they said it was about 10-14 mph with gusts up to 20 mph. I had switched out my front wheel from a zipp 404 to Kyle's training wheel - a great decision. I felt pretty good but the headwind kind of took it out of me at times. Then it was a challenge to take advantage of some of the downhills because of the winds.. The best part is that I stayed positive and focused the whole way.
The run was really hot - I always had a cup of ice in hand. But I ran the entire way and passed a number of girls in my age group which was fun. I completely let go of the bike and just ran.

So my times -
Swim 50:05
Bike 3:25:01
Run 2:07:08
Overall 6:30:17
Overall place 609
Age group 25/40(finishers)

Overall I am happy with how I did with the conditions and based on my training. I defiantly know that my swim and bike need some work and my run is strong.

So that is it for now. We plan on spending the rest of today relaxing then fly home late tonight. Most likely a full race report will come tomorrow.


NW Firefly said...

You sound strong. I sounds like because of your focus and training was able to continue in spite of conditions.
As ALWAYS, I'm very proud of you and certainly your biggest fan.

michelle said...


Cynthia Kern said...

Mac - super proud of you as always...yikes girl, look at your abs ; ) you left me in the dust a long time ago - ha!

Glad the two of you were able to take a little time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Congrats on a successful race!