Nov 14, 2006

fun on the track

Tonight Colleen put me to the track... We did about a mile warm up (running to the track) - I think she said at 8.30 pace or so. I felt really good - well except the pasta I had for dinner had not fully digested. Anyway I felt rested and good. So then we got to the track - the goal was to do a 2 min 400 x 4 times and between we would run a loop kind of around the block and up the hill and back as a "rest". So I don't really know how to pace myself or I just have not been running long enough to know pace yet.. Anyway Colleen kept me on track and I did the 1st 400 at something like 1.50ish. I started to fast which was good because the other half there was a head wind - yuck. Then we went and rand down the street and up a hill then back down. Then the 400 again at 1.55ish. We repeated this 2 more times and I felt really good the entire time :) Then it was a "cool down" run back to the start. In all Colleen thought we ran about 5 miles and now I know I can run faster so it is just a matter of building my endurance up at the faster speeds. I think my goal for December is to be able to run hills and keep my heart rate in check and continue to build my base in general.

Times breakdown from Colleen
Warm-up 8:27 mile then 1:31 to track
Interval (1) 1:47 (2) 1:54 (3)1:56 (4) 1:53
Recovery (1) 7:17 (2) 7:12 (3) 7:15
Cool down 1:35 to the mile and last mile at 8:50
Total time 49:47

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