May 31, 2007

travel day

We made it to Kona with our bikes and luggage...
As soon as we got to the great townhouse we are all staying at Kyle and i changed into swimsuits and headed to the little private beach. It was amazing. We got in the water - which was warm and as soon as I put my head under the crystal clear water I could see all sorts of fishes. The beach is right on a some coral so there is tons to watch and see as you swim. It was great - Kyle ran back and gr abed his snorkel and he found a see turtle that he fallowed around and played with. My swim felt great - the salt water makes me feel very buoyant - I don't have to kick much at all. The taste of salt definitely get in your mouth - but after a while I just got used to it.
Once the sun went down we met up with a friend of Kyle's and his family and had a great dinner - which was exactly what I needed. On the drive back I had the hardest time keeping my eyes open - and as soon as my head his the pillow I was out cold.
This morning we were both up around/before 6a so we put the bikes back together and went for a ride. The road surface is like butter it is so fast and smooth. It was great fun and it felt great to get out and loosen my legs up from sitting so much yesterday on the plane.
Next we are going to hangout with Matthew and his family at their hotel - which they described as Disneyland in Hawaii. lol should be interesting.
The rest of the crew gets in today so we will help get their bikes back and then hopefully we will go get some groceries and snacks.
I do feel a little out of it - I did not eat much yesterday while traveling and I know I did not drink enough because I did not want to have to deal with getting up and waiting for the bathroom on the plane. So today is all about eating enough healthy food and getting plenty of water and electrolytes.

May 29, 2007

mixed day

It was great to have yesterday off from work and the weather was mostly good so Kyle and I did a bike ride out over the plateau then out to Ames Lake then back via Union Hill Road. Kyle let me choose the route and it had an assortment of hills - from super steep, rolling, long climbs and some familiar downhills so I could work on my fear of descending (as always). It started out a bit chilly - Kyle had a hat, leg and arm warmers on. I was just really glad my left knee did not hurt at all when I was riding - although I could feel some fatigue in my legs from the 8 mile run so I took it sort of easy. Kyle was super nice and mostly stayed with me and we just enjoyed an nice easy ride.
The plan was to do a bike to run brick just to get the legs used to the transition - so we got back home changed shoes and headed out for a short mile or two run. I was only able to make it a block or two before the outside of my left knee started to hurt really bad. Kyle had watched me run and told me it looked like I was pronating on my left foot but once it started to hurt it hurt no matter what I did. So Kyle continued to run a bit further and I started to walk back home. When I got home I put my other pair of running shoes on to see if that made a difference - sadly it did not. I iced my entire left leg as I tried to think positive thoughts that if I stay off it the rest of the week it will be just fine for Saturday... So that is my plan - let it rest and recoup and if nothing else it only hurts in the run and after doing the swim and bike I can run as much as I can and if I have to walk to finish I will. The world is not ending and hopefully everything will be just fine - I will do the best I can.

May 27, 2007

less than a week to go

Friday night Kyle and I jumped in the lake for our first open water swim of the year. I had planned on swimming 3000yrds in the pool but since it was so nice out it just made sense to get out in the lake. The first little bit was cold - esp on my face but it got better as I warmed up. We swam 2 laps of the 4 buoys - less than 30 min (not really sure because my watch was still messed up). It was good training to have to work on sighting and dealing with the waves from the ski boats. I felt really strong and was able to keep good form, kept my breathing under control and the best part I that with the wetsuit on I did not have to kick at all - though I definitely want to get a new wetsuit in the next month or so. My current one is ok but it chokes me and just fatigues my shoulder.
Saturday I did my last longer run before Hawaii - 8 miles with a bunch of hills - I also waited till the hottest part of the day to help with acclimation. I made sure to take salt before I got started and half way though - which seemed to help some. I can't say I enjoyed the run it was more about just getting it over with - I tried but I just am not feeling solid on the run still. As Kyle keeps telling me - I know it is all in my head and I am doing just fine. I knew my mile marks and the first couple of miles were well under 8 min miles even with some rolling hills but then around mile 3 I got a weird pain on the outside of my left knee. I don't really know what was going on I figure either my calf/skin or my IT band was pulling on it but either way it slowed me down. So my overall time was 1:12:21 - one of the slowest 8 miles I have done in a while. As soon as I got home I iced my entire left leg and did again later in the evening. On a good note I wore the tri shorts and top that I plan to race in and I love both :) and my right foot did not hurt and no other shin issues.
Today I woke up to the sound of rain - so I decided to postpone my planned bike-run brick - instead I switched my Monday swim work out to today. I swam in the pool since I won't get to swim in a wetsuit in Hawaii. I did warm up 400 drills 200 1x300 2x150 3x100 6x25 cool down 200 - in about 40ish minutes. My shoulder did not really hurt - but since I did drills I was really watching my form the entire time.
My left leg is still a bit achy/tender so I have continued to ice and then heat and then gently stretch/massage it though out the day. Other than is this hick up I feel good . I am starting to get all my stuff together and pack. We had our bikes tuned up today and after a ride tomorrow we will probably pack them up. Then it is just a matter of getting everything packed and ready to go. I'm a little nervous about the race just because of the unknown factors - like heat, salt water, traveling, hoping I have trained enough and I can put it all together for a good event. I'm trying not to focus on any real time goal and mostly on finishing with a smile. It is coming up fast so I won't have to wait long to see how it goes. lol

May 25, 2007

lesson learned

Yesterday Col met me at work and we ran down the waterfront to Myrtle Edwards Park and back for somewhere about 6 miles total. When we got started around 4:15pm it was sunny and hot well 72F which is the hottest it has been when I have ran so far this year. I had one gel before we got started (which is what I always do before a run) and we made our way to the waterfront through the industrial area of town - it was not to bad - I felt genreally tired and my cadance was definatly slower than it has been lately. As we kept going I felt hot and was super thirsty not to mention just out of it - did not help I had messed up my watch settings somehow (didn't matter much but was frustrating all the same). We got to the park and I got some water and rinsed my face quickly then we kept going a bit into the park to get the full 3 miles out - I figured we had gone this far might as well go the full distance. I had my second gel and another gulp of water on our way back out of the park and we were back weiving through people on the waterfront. My legs felt heavy and my pace slowed a bit more. Then a mile or mile and half from the end I started feeling dizzy and some tunnel vision stuff. It pretty much sucked and I shamefully asked to walk the last 100-200 yrds from the end :( When we finished I was very salty and tired.
It may not have helped my ego but it did remind me that I do need to take salt esp when it is warm out - which will be very important in Hawaii next week since it has been in the 80s everyday. I'm also looking forward to getting back in the habit of eating more than twice a day and catching up on my sleep this weekend. Luckily even though it is still busy at work today I don't have an all day meeting so I can have my usual mid morning/afternoon snacks and I slept in this morning (pushed my swim off till tonight).

May 23, 2007

crazy day

I got up early (well 5 am which is normal really for me) and I was at work by 7ish which is unheard of me. Though it was nice being there so early since there were no distractions I got a ton of work done before everyone else got in. the rest of my day consisted of a all day design meeting. The downfall was that I did not eat when I usually eat esp all my daily snacks - I just had lunch - no mid morning snack or late afternoon snack. By the end of the day I was starving and could totally tell I had not eaten enough today. To make thing worse I guess Since I did not do one of my two work outs this morning I planned on doing them both this evening... Somehow I got enough energy (maybe it was the cofee before I left work) that when I got home I headed out on my bike for a ride - I was completely indecisive (I get like that when I don't eat enough) of where I wanted to ride or what I wanted to do so I just did the least complicated I did the lake loop. It was a really nice evening for riding and I was was late enough getting home from work that most of the traffic had cleared out. Col and I had talked about really pushing myself on the downhills around the lake because I know the route so well so I could practice not braking and deal with my fear so I did that I actually pedaled down all the hills and pushed a big gear as much as I could and as long as I could up the rolling hills just for a challenge. Around the lake I was bale to average around 19-22 mph which was great then of course I have to climb a big hill to get back home which was easy but much slower. All in all it was a great ride and I love being on my bike - and I finished the 23 mile ride in 1:15 :)
After the ride I changed, ate a nectar bar, finished my accelerade and went and helped my dad move a mattress.. Then went to the pool for a swim. Since Hawaii is only a little over a week away I decided I wanted to see how well i did swimming with no rests between sets so I did 100 x 25 with no rests - I just used my watch to track my 100s to help me keep everything straight. lol I was not super fast all my 100s were around 2 min - some under some over - but I never used a pull buoy (my favorite crutch) and I did not rest at the walls or take any breaks between laps. I felt pretty good - my legs were a bit tired and my shoulder acted up a bit about half way though but I know know that I can swim over the 1.2 mile swim with out resting and way under the cutoff time :) I need all the confidence I can get find now so every little bit helps make me feel better about Hawaii. My final time was 44:42 for 2500yrds.
Ok I think that coveres it for tonight - tomorrow is another crazy day jamm packed with all sorts of fun so off to sleep I go (it is way past my bed time already).

May 22, 2007

the sun came out again

It was so nice out this evening that I considered doing a brick and going for a bike ride before my planned 5 mile run - but usually if I do something like that I get in trouble and by the time I got going I only felt like I had energy to only do the run well - so that is what I did. I went and ran the 5 mile loop near my house - It is 2 miles downhill and 3 miles uphill. Even though it was so warm outside I had a hard time warming up and the entire 2nd mile I had bad stitches on my right side which felt like it slowed me down a bit. Luckily when I had to start running uphill it went away and I just focused on climbing the long hill back. In all it took me 41:02 to finish the 5 miles and still no foot pain so I'm happy.

May 21, 2007


This morning I got up at 4:45a so that I could get some of my upper body work out in before I had a pt appointment for my shoulder. Pt was alright - the exercises were good and I am getting stronger but a couple of them still really make my shoulder burn and fatigue really quickly. After I finished up with pt I did a few more upper body things and a bunch of core work - which felt great). After the weekend I felt a bit tired this morning and my calves are sore (in a good way) but otherwise I feel good.
I planned on riding to just spin my legs out a bit tonight but as soon as I had my bike clothes on and was getting ready to head out the door it started pouring... I know that by living in Seattle you have to train in the rain and all that but I just did not have it in me tonight. Mostly I hate getting my bike all gunky with road muck so instead I spent the time figuring out my packing list for Hawaii - since we leave in about a week and I want to make sure and go over it with Colleen just to make sure I have everything covered since I'm such a newbie.

May 16, 2007

sun to rain

On Thursday I got up early and went for a bike ride around the lake - it was wonderful to see teh sun come up over the lake. I felt good and finished in about 1:30. Thursday night I worked in the garden with my mom - she mowed the lawn as I cut down another one of our huge bronze flax plants that did not do to Friday morning I swam 3000 yrds - 300 warm up 300, 100 pull, 400, 100 pull, 500, 100 pull, 400, 100 pull, 300, 100 pull, 200 100 cool down - finishing up in just under 1:05. I went hard on the 100 yrd pull sets and tried to keep my pace up through out the entire work out. Though my paced slowed over time - I started at 1:47 min 100 yrd pace and by my last 100 was closure to 1:52 which I'm ok with. My shoulder hurt a little bit at the beginning but after a while I just ignored it and it did not seem to effect the swim.
Friday evening Kyle and I ran 5 miles sort of together (we ran the same route at least). The first 2 miles were all down hill which makes it harder for me to really warm up so I never really felt like I got in a good rhythm esp since the next 3 miles were all up hill. This was the first run on my new shoes on sidewalks and I was shocked at that my foot or lower legs never hurt. I pushed myself to pick up the pace for the last mile and I finished the 5 miles in 43 min.
Saturday morning when the alarm went off it was pouring rain - Kyle and I seriously questioned our sanity but somehow we managed to get in the shower and get ready to do the Tour de Cure ride. Luckily the rain tapered off as we drove down to the park. By the time the ride got started the roads were only a little wet and it was starting to warm up. By mile 5 I was already packing away my rain jacket. We were part of the Lemond Fitness team - a friend of our works for them and has invited us to be part of it the last couple of years. Last year when I did the ride I was not really strong enough to stay up with the team and road the entire 50ish mile alone. This year was the direct opposite - hehe. From the start I road right up front with Kyle and some other guys -(I was the only girl in the group) we were not going super hard so that the group stayed together mostly but still it was cool. Though we still regrouped at the first couple of rest stops. The route was good - it started out pretty easy - heading north to Maltby and then east and up the old Woodenville Duvall Road up to Redmond Ridge then onto Union hill and back to the Park. The shocker was my mom and Jerry showed up and cheered for us - it was a total surpise - a very cool one at that. I would say the last half of the ride were jammed packed with hills. Around mile 20 Kyle and this crazy good rider Bernard Boglioli pulled away and did some speed drills and stuff the rest of the way back. I just kept going as well as I could up all the hills - I even dropped a few of the guys that had been riding with us - always fun. I finished the 44 mile ride in about 2:41 which I was pretty happy with. I was supposed to run a mile or so after but I got distracted by the Chipotle buritos and Jamba Juice they had ready at the finish and never got to that run. oops who can say no to a yummy lunch.
Today we got up early again to go for a run but Col and Bryan bailed on us so we decided to head up to Kyle's Dad's beach house and hang out up there all day and do a 9 mile run at some point. We hung out and chatted while the rain came and went a couple of times. The sun came out for a moment and we jumped on teh opurtunity and got out to run. We ran an out and back route that went along the beach for a while and then on some rolling hills out to the highway. I felt ok on the way out - nothing special. I felt better when I saw Kyle on his way back and I was only a mile behind him. My calves were a little sore from teh ride yesterday but after a while I just ignored it. The hardest part was that the road was not flat - it was sloped off to the sides which put a bit of pressure on my calves - nothing to bad though. The good news is that I ran the 9 miles in my new shoes and my foot never hurt :). The rain did not start up again till about the last mile and by then it actually felt nice. I finished the 9 mile run in 1:18:23.

loving the weather

Sunday I just never got around to running - just to many other things going on and my foot hurt pretty bad.
Very early Monday morning I had a pt appointment for my shoulder and afterwards I added in some core stuff and foot exercises. Then a huge mystery - there was a gift bag with my name on it at the front desk with a scraf in it with no card or anything refreing to who it was from... I still don't know who left it for me.
In the evening I took my first run in my new Newton running shoes - just 2 miles on a half mile track but I ran them in 13:38 which felt great. Even better my foot and lower legs did not really hurt. Kyle ran with me and said my form looked better than normal and it seemed like it was easy for me.
Yesterday I ran 4 miles in the new shoes on the same half mile track as on Monday. Even less foot pain then on Monday and no lower leg pain to speak of :) I finished the 4 miles in 29:16:18 - which is really fast for me. I'm not sure if it is because it on a track so I can always see how much further I have to go or what but hopefully the speed will continue in to my other runs. I really like the shoes so far - they are different and I'm still getting used to them but so far so good.
After the run I met Col, Bryan and Kyle for a swim. I should have had a gel or something more to eat because as soon as I got in the pool I was tired and hungry which is never good. Since I have been doing a lot of longer sets Cole had me do a lot of shorter sets - 300 warm up, 100 x 10, 200 hard then 100 pull x 4 for a total of 2500yrds. My shoulder actually hurt more than it has in the last couple of weeks - makes me question the point of going to pt for it.. I seemed to take forever but I had some longer than normal "rests" - Kyle got a bloody nose so I ran and got paper towels for him and it is always more fun to chat than swim which adds time. I finished after the rest of the crew was long done with their workouts. Oh well I felt good about getting my workout completely done.
Again super early this morning I had another pt appointment for my shoulder. A couple of the exercises hurt so I iced for 15 minutes - hopefully I'm getting stronger and my dumb shoulder will get better soon.

May 12, 2007

hilly ride

Yesterday morning the whole crew - even Futa met up at Marymoor Park for a 65ish mile ride out to North Bend and back. It was a bit chilly to start but mostly very good weather for riding. We started by riding into Issaquah via the east lake road and then climbed up to the plateau via a nasty hill which helped me finally really warm up. I was breathing hard and my nose was running like crazy but otherwise I felt great and I muscled up the hill and was able to ride over the top - I was also right behind Bman and Kyle :) Then we went over the plateau and down the stair step hill into Fall City. Most people would love to be going down that hill but I still really don't like descending - I have to force my self not to just hammer on the brakes every time - even so every one fly by me on the downhills. Anyway we then headed out towards Snoqualmie Falls and climbed up to the top - I was actually really surprised it was really easy I just spinned the entire way. We took a short break at the top of the falls - Bman showed off his helmet hair.

After we fed a squire a couple almonds and such we got going again towards North Bend - we took some back roads to avoid traffic on 202 that were full of holes and cracks. Then of course they had striped the main road in to North Bend for paving so it was all ridges and just plane bad. We headed all the way out to the truck stop on the east end of town and turned around to head back in to a major headwind. It was crazy we were going slightly down hill but it was hard work to even go 17mph. We took a quick stop for some fries, a burger and some soda - then back through the crappy roads of North Bend - down the Snoqualmie falls hill and back to the stair step climb back up the plateau. On the climb I felt good even though I was starting to feel a bit tired. I kept my pace up and climbed. Luckily there was only a few small(mini almost) climbs left till we finished. Once we got back on the lake road I just tried to spin my legs out as much as I could. The weirdest thing was that my right foot hurt when we finished - to the point where it was pain full to even stand on it - Col suggested it was because of all the climbing and that I was standing on it more than normal..
Final elevation profile -

May 11, 2007

ride interupted

I had the wonderful idea to combine the two things I needed to do last night one was feed my moms cat and the second was to get an hour bike ride - so why not ride ride from my house to my moms house which is out by Ames lake about 15 miles or so away and talk Kyle into picking me up so that I don't over due it or get stuck in the dark.
I got started around 6:30ish pm - I planned on riding down to the lake, through marymoore and then up Union Hill road and out to Ames Lake - pretty basic but it had lots of hills which would be fine but on the first main up hill my chain would not stay in gear and kept slipping. Which considering I was on a winding road with little to no shoulder it pretty much sucked. I was not really sure what was wrong, how bad it could get or how to fix it so I called Kyle and just had him pick me up at the top of the hill. So I only got about 38 min and 10 mile in. The largest bummer was hat my legs felt great, the weather was wonderful - it was just the perfect evening for a ride. Oh well - Kyle took a look at it today and it was just the rear derailer cable was loose so he has fixed it/could not get it to slip out anymore. So I should be good for my Saturday ride :)
This morning I got up and swam 3000yrds - 400 warm up, 500, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 cool down in 66 min. My shoulder felt good, I'm still feeling a little worn down esp after the second 500 set though nothing a weekend with some extra sleep can't help. The entire time I was thinking about swimming open water and if it was warm enough yet.
On that thought I have started looking at getting a new wetsuit - I currently have a perfectly good one but with all my shoulder issues I would like to get one that has a bit more movement in the shoulders. So far I have only looked online at 2XU and Blue Seventy.. But who knows I just wish the local lakes would warm up already.

May 9, 2007

sort of getting back to it

Last night I attempted to run 3 miles and only managed 1 - my lower legs and feet still hurt pretty bad so pushed through 1 mile and then moved on to doing some stretching and a bit of core work.
Afterwards I met up with Col and Bryan to swim - planned on doing 2500 yrds but none of us really seemed into it- I think Bryan was more interested in Chipotle. The pool was frigid cold and once we all finally got in the water there were a lot of chat breaks. In the end I only did 1900yrds - 300 warm up, 100, 300 x 2, 250 x 2, 400, then sat in the hot tub for a bit. I felt pretty good, my legs were a bit heavy and I had a hard time keeping my breath under control (but I think that mostly had to do with the pool temp). I was still able to keep my average 100yrd pace around 1:50 which I'm happy with.
After grabbing Chipotle I went straight home and crashed and once again over slept this morning. I think I'm still recovery or something.. I don't notice it during the day but jeese I have been sleeping like a rock.

May 7, 2007

after thoughts

Yesterday I had a hard half marathon - I spent most of the rest of day looking back on what had happened, why, what sucked and what was good and what to take away from the experience. The biggest thing is that I finished even though it was painful experience. - now I know I can push through it and keep going.
I know that I did not get enough sleep the night before and I definitely need sleep - I know this about myself - I just don't function well with out it - I get sick or just am not myself with out it - even for just one night. The good news is that for both Hawaii 70.3 and IMC we will be arriving early enough that I will be able to get back in a good sleep cycle a couple days before the races.
My overall time was completely respectable and even with the issues I had I was able to keep my second half of the run.
Anyway I don't need to go on forever.. I learned a lot and have no worries about my progress or anything like that. Hawaii seems to be coming up very fast but hey I know I can finish...
As far as workouts went I took things really easy. This morning I finally had my initial pt appointment for my shoulder so I did a whole bunch of shoulder exercises and then did some more upper body stuff. Tonight I took the bike out for an easy spin for about a half an hour or so just to loosen up my legs. My legs and core feel pretty sore and I'm feeling a tad bit more tired than normal so I will be in bed fast asleep soon.

May 6, 2007

Vancouver International Half Marathon 2007

Well I finished... I did not run very well but I did tough it out and finished. I guess I will start with the stats - gun time - 2:02:24 chip time - 2:01:06 pace - 9:15 first half - 1:00:13 second half - 1:00:54.

Ok now I recap the last couple of days.. I took Thursday and Friday off to let me foot rest/heel before the half. Saturday morning I did an easy run to loosen my legs up and see how my lower legs and foot felt. Afterwards Kyle and I headed up to Vancouver to go to registration, check out the expo, check into our hotel, had a great pasta dinner with Briana and Cody who were also running the half.
Saturday night I slept horribly - I always sleep horrible the first night in a new place/hotel. I think I might have gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep or so and I kept waking up through out the night - I woke up with a soar throat. I'm a total morning person but I did not really feel myself - my left hip was a bit tight. We showered to help wake up and ran from our hotel to the start to warm up (maybe a mile at most). My foot and legs seemed to feel ok.
We got to the start and wandered around a bit found Briana and Cody and eventually headed out to the start and I had a gel and some salt. In the line up looked for Col and Bryan but never saw them (I guess they were way closer to the front). Once the pacers got in line I set myself up somewhere behind/close to the 1:45 guy and in front of the 2:00 one since my goal was to finish somewhere around of before 1:59. The gun went off and slowly everyone moved forward - it took me almost a minute to get across the start in the crowd.
I felt pretty good for the first 4 miles or so - ducking and weaving past walkers and slower runners. My first mile was 8:20, 2nd - 8:46, 3rd - 8:40 (had a gel), 4th - 8:41, 5th - 8:40.
Then it all went to cramp 6th mile was 9:30 :( - It started with my left hip and went all the way down the outside of my leg to my foot - a strange constriction that seemed to envelope my entire leg - I could not stride out and it hurt every time my foot came in contact with the ground. My right side felt left out and shortly after it started to do the same along with a sliver of pain ran up my shin and a knot formed around the very tip top of my hamstring. It was bad. I took anothetgel and some salt but nothing seemed to change - though it did not really feel like a salt cramp anyway. At the half way mark I was already at 1 hour - I knew if my legs continued to hurt it would be a challenge to make my goal time but I tried my best to stay optimistic a focused on the scenery as much as I could to zone out as much as I possibly could. Mile 7 was no better at 9:42, mile 8 was at 9:50,and 9 was about the same up the long hill. The lowest moment was definitely when the 2:00 pace guy passed me going up the long climb - I was so disappointed in my day that tears welled up in my eyes(ask anyone who knows me I cry pretty easily - so not really a shocker).
The downhill was more painful than the climb - my shins and feet felt like they were on fire. The only thing that kept me going was if I walked it would probably get worse and would only take me longer to finish. All the one liners started running through my head - about you can do anything for 3 miles and tried to visualise my mom on the side of the road cheering me on ect.. So I kept going and focused on finishing - at least then I could say I finished - since I had lost hope of reaching my goal time since my legs never loosened up or felt any better.
The last couple of miles were slow and seemed to take forever - I knew that I would be the last one to finish of our crew and that everyone else would already be inside the stadium so there would be no one at the finish and I would have to tell everyone how bad I did - which is a horrible thing to feel/think.. I know/knew everyone one would be understanding but I really just felt like I had let myself down and was not happy.
I finished just behind the 2:00 pace guy - the clock said 2:02 :( I slowly made my way through the finish and into the stadium, got some oranges, and looked for the crew. On the way back to the hotel I finally broke down and cried - Kyle was wonderful and very supportive and I was able to mostly move past my disapointment and see the positive. After a quick rinse off we went and cheered for Steph as she finished up the full marathon which was very motivating.

May 2, 2007

a little of everything

Last night Bryan was nice enough to let me tag along with him on a just under 4 mile run around greelake. My plan was to do some pick ups through out but since Bryan runs faster than me I just tried to keep up with him - so the entire run was at a faster pace than I usually average which forced me to work a bit harder than normal. My calves were still kind of tight but my foot never hurt since we were running on dirt/gravel instead of sidewalks. I finished in 31:59 - which I was happy with.
This morning I got myself out of a bed a bit late and went to the pool for a 2800 yrds swim. I felt a little tired but had a gel and got to it.. 400 warm up, 600 x 2, 100, 400, 300, 200, 100, 100 cool down. I was kind of tired after the 600 x 2 but nothing to bad and no shoulder pain :)
This evening I made it out for a bike ride before the rain hit - I did 16 miles in just under an hour with one steep climb back up to the house. I found that it is really boring riding alone - even for only an hour.
The really annoying this is that my never ending issue with planter fasciitis on the ball of my right foot - it seems to act up right before races - when I have been increasing the mileage I guess. Hopefully it will calm down before Sunday... I see some ice and a tennis ball in my foots future.