Nov 30, 2006

all about form

Yesterday i was total slacker and did not go to spinning as I had planned. I just turned the alarm off and went back to bed even though I was wide awake. I felt bad about it later on but oh well I guess my body took over and decided it was a rest day. I would have gone in the evening but instead I had way more fun hanging out with friends eating some really good home made enchiladas :)
This morning Col & I took a swim lesson with Eric Preston at 8. We got in the water 20 min before to do some warm up and such. It was good my legs did not feel like they were sinking as badly as a couple days ago. I think I swam about 400yrds - 600yrds - I totally lost count after 300. It was interesting to see the tri class going on a couple lanes down - all guys.
Ok so the lesson recap:
We started with video - which was super scary until we watched it and got to actually see what we were doing. I had good head and arm entry position, good rotation(this is good since I have been working really hard on these for a couple months now). I had a straight elbow through the pull (rather than pulling back I was more pushing down), I'm still not very patient when I'm breathing - I use my left arm to push down to keep my head up. Both things are probably making my shoulder hurt when I swim...
Col looked good to, with good rotation. Her head and arm were a bit high in the water but otherwise good.
He had us start with “skating position” - kicking on the side with one arm out and down at 45 degrees down with the face straght down looking straight down at the pool bottom - other arm resting on side - rolling on to the back to breath - we did this on both our right and left side.
Then “zipper drill” - start in same position as the first drill after a kick or so bring arm that was resting at side up and over with finger tips in water then slide hand into water and forward as you extend that arm at this time pull extended arm down and rotate to the opposite side; pause as you balance and kick on opposite side and repeat.
Next was doing the zipper but with hand in a fist to work on feeling the forearm in the stroke and the “catch” at the beginning of the stroke. I also had to focus on pulling back with my elbows bent.
By the end of the lesson I felt pretty good - it was way less strain on my shoulder when I bent my elbow on the pull. We swam a few 100 yrds to practice what we had worked on so that we could rember it all :)

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