Nov 2, 2006

spinning + pt

Last night I did 60 min of spinning though I did not fallow along with the class. The instructor is kind of weird and to much for me so I did my own thing. I did intervals of high cadence of 100+ then a hill climb then single leg for a min each - I did this 3 times then 5 min cool down and stretch. I felt pretty good. My legs were a bit tired from the run and from pt stuff. My calves were still pretty tight so I stretched them a lot.
This morning I had pt so more of the single leg balance stuff with lots of hip exercise. My calves were tight still but not as bad. Esp my left which I think was mostly due to rolling my ankle the other night. The wobble in my right running shoe is getting worse so I think I might go get a new pair this week and see if that might help... I don't know if a different model might be better - right now I'm in the GT-2110. I mean my foot does feel a lot better lately but it won't go away and I want it to. :)

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