Nov 10, 2006

all clear from pt

This morning my pt appointment went really well. I only have one appointment left and it is the week of the Seattle half just in case I need it loosened up or anything. In general Jenny(the physical therapist) said that since it does not really hurt at all when I run I should be just fine if I keep up my exercises and self massage.
So lets see what are my exercises. lol - I do all the exercises bare foot to really help with strengthening my foot and it seems to make them a lot harder.
Massage foot
Stretch calves
Two footed jumps on balance pad landing on toes then rolling the rest of the foot down 2 sets x 25
Squats balancing on the ball of foot on a long foam roll cut in half 2 sets x 25
One foot balance on disc tossing weighted ball 3 sets x 25
Calf raises 2 x 25
One legged squats with small weighted ball placing it around circle around and back x 3 times
One foot on a disc one with resistance pulley facing each direction x 25
Side to side jumps landing only on one leg 2 x 25
Clam shells 2 x 50 or to fatigue
Scrunch towel with toes to fatigue
Pick up things with toes to fatigue
Spread and contract toes with out bending to fatigue
I think that covers it all.. In general I'm happy that it is healing I just hope it does not come back to bother me ;) I have to stay on top of it I guess I'm looking forward to the day when it is not a concern. :)

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