Mar 23, 2008

Big Climb 2008

For the third year in a row I joined my mom's company's "Team Jetstream" to climb 69 floors of stairs in the Columbia Tower. I was the only person on the team doing the timed version. It went really well - I did a great job pacing myself. It is really easy to go to hard at the start and get your heart rate way to high. I did this the last couple of years and it was imposible to recover till the finish. I realized at about floor 10 that I had forgot to start my watch so I had no clue how I was doing against the clock. So I just kept going as hard as I could manage while not overdoing it. I felt pretty good the whole way - it felt easier than in the past and before I knew it I was done.
The view was great from the top and I could see the first group of running finishing the Henry Weinhard's St. Patrick's Day Dash - probably saw Kyle down there somewhere. I hung out and waited for the rest of the group to reach the top. My mom and her friends all did wonderful.
After getting a yogurt in the "recovery room" we went back to the lobby and they had results already posted. My chip time was 12:55.95 and I came in 35 / 333 for my age group. I was surprised I was not really sure if I would beat my time from last year because I had not really done in training for stairs specifically and I was still recovering from the half marathon the week before. But alas I did by a full minute- I guess all the rest of the training I have been doing helped :)

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