Oct 30, 2006

frosty morning

It was super chilly this morning. It took me about 15 min to not feel cold in the water - and then even to rest for a min or so I got cold again. I did about 1600 yrd work out in about 50 min.
300 yrd warm up
100 yrd side kick drill
100 yrd switch drill
100 yrd rotation w/ resistance drill
100 yrd catch ups
100 yrds one arm - 50 each arm
main splits
50 yrds - 100 yrds - 150 yrds (will pull buoy) - 200 yrds - 150 yrds (w/ pull buoy) - 100 yrds - 50 yrds
50 yrd cool down and stretched till I froze and had to get out of the pool. lol
I felt really good esp on my main set I really work on reaching and following my stroke through all the way. It seemed helped me feel smother and faster.

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