Nov 20, 2006

sunday recap

I must have needed sleep because Saturday I pretty much slept most of the day after my run - I tried so hard to stay awake for the Apple Cup but I slept through the whole thing.. Then I went to bed at 10pm and slept in till 8:30am on Sunday. I took Sunday pretty easy - had a pt appointment to help with my foot. Then later in the evening I went swimming - 1800 yrds total in 62 min. I took it kind of easy and really focused on form.
300 yrd warm up
500 yrd drills:
150 yrds side switches - 100 yrds fist drill - 100 yrds Catch-Up Drill - 100 yrds Flicker End Drill - 50 yrds Finger Tip Drag Drill
950 yrds Main set:
50 yrd - 100 - 150 w/pull buoy - 200 - 300- 150 w/pull buoy
50 yrd cool down and stretching

My back and neck feel kind of tight today - I think from the run and swimming so tonight I'm going to go to hot yoga to get a really good stretch :)

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