Nov 5, 2006

12 mile run in the rain

Yesterday Colleen, Bryan, Kyle and I headed out to the Snoqualmie Valley trail in the pouring rain. I planned on running 12 miles, and Colleen and Brian were doing more like 16 or something. Kyle rode his mountain bike and carried water for 12 miles then ran the last 4 with Colleen. Other than the pouring rain and some wind on the way out it was great pretty nice - lots of fall color and stuff. Even though I went to bed the night before at a good time and ate I generally felt tired. Colleen and Bryan pulled away from me rather quickly - i usually could keep Bryan somewhat in my sights. My legs just did not want to go very fast so I ran rather slow exactly 60 min to the turn around point so probably 10 min miles. The way back I was a bit slower 66 min. But I did run the 12 miles which is the longest I have ever run. Even though I was going slow I felt pretty good no aches or pains really - my foot was like a 1-2 out of 10. I just everything in perspective and kept going. I was pleased at how well I kept going and stayed positive the whole way - just enjoying myself. next thing is to do the same but run faster lol.
I did eat and drank something after this run but I guess not enough at dinner I had a slight headache (not to much nausea) but I ate all my food. It took me a bit to get to sleep and then I woke up at 4am and could not get back to sleep. I don't feel sleepy now either. My muscles feel a bit tight but nothing really hurts. I guess I need to still work on eating more right away - even if I'm not hungry or feel like it.

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