Nov 18, 2006

8 mile run

Today I did my last longer distance run before Seattle half next weekend. I did not really know where to go so I just did the 4 mile loop I did earlier in the week twice. I felt pretty good - though the back of both my calves were very tight esp my left and they never really loosened up. I also forgot to bring any water to help me get down the gu I brought with me for about half way :( So I only got down about half of it and it seemed to just sit in my stomach - yuck. Around mile 6 or so I started to feel a small amount of pain/tightness in my right foot - like a 3 out of 10.. So I'm glad I have a week of general rest, a pt appointment, and a massage to help keep it in check. I think it was mostly due to the tightness of my calf pulling on my foot or something.
My over all time for the 8 or so miles was 68.45. I really tried to keep my pace constant even up the hills. I stretched out really well afterwards and have iced my foot between using a tennis ball to help loosen it up. Later tonight I plan on doing a few of the pt exercises.

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