Nov 28, 2006

the aftermath

I took yesterday off. The back of my calves were very very sore/tight - I avoided walking because it hurt so much. I did do about 30 min of slow easy stretching but mostly just rested.
Today I felt a lot better - my calves don't hurt as bad and the rest of my body is not very sore at all - every once and a while I find some random sore muscle but I can handle that. Since the weather was so bad this morning I pushed my Pilate's lesson to 1pm - so that the roads would thaw out a bit. I gave my self lots of extra time to get there on time, I was able to loosen up on an elliptical before my lesson. My lesson was good - she had me stretch out a lot which felt wonderful and we focused on building strength on my left side. That along with core strengthening, while keeping my shoulders down and back.. I felt pretty good.
After Pilate's I went and swam for 45 min. I was shocked by how heavy my legs seemed to be, they just sank. lol So I just took it kind of easy and focused on form. I totally lost track of my distance at around 500 yrds so I switch over to just swimming for time. I used the pull buoy quite a bit to give my legs a break - till they felt more tired from holding it between my legs - go figure. I also felt more tired in genreal than I expected but it felt great to get in the water and just swim.

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