Jun 29, 2009

this is why

I have missed the long rides - no not the 3 to 4 hour stuff but the longer stuff where you hit a wall and keep going and push your self. I love that stuff.
On Saturday i joined Laurie and Greg for a 5 hour ride even though I only had 4 on the schedule. We started early and the weather was perfect. A little cool to start but warmed up just right by the end of the ride. Yeah I hit the wall around 4:15 into the ride (guess I should listen to my coach better obviously knows something ;) but it did not matter I had so much fun riding with them and we rode pretty hard the entire way. I fell back a bit for the last few climbs at the end but I kept pushing myself and I was only a couple minutes behind them in the end. The best part was even though my legs hurt and I was tired I kept going :)
Now I seemed to half left my legs on the bike because on Sunday they did not show up for my long run but I got through it and even got a few miles in on my new Newton shoes.
Today my body still feels achy and sore so I figure I'm paying my price for going longer than planned but it was to much fun at the same time and way to nice a day not to spend a little bit more time outside ;)
I'm sure this will wear off in the winter when I don't want to go back out in the cold rain but right now I'm so loving training long :)

Jun 24, 2009

baby blue birthday

Well it happened I turned 29 and I got a lot of tri goodies in my favorite color no less :)

It started almost a full week early when Kyle brought home baby blue shoes laces.

Kyle put a brand new chain on my bike (I think it still had the original one for 2+ years ago on).

I got new smaller aero pads for my bike - now I have room for my hands on the bars when climbing.

And the biggest surprise was that Kyle got me a pair of newton running shoes and his Dad got me a baby blue sugoi running skirt to match.

Last but not least my super Mom gave me the registration fee so I could sign up for Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2010.

The best part was that Kyle and I went over to Coeur d'Alene to cheer for all our team mates and friends that were doing the race this year. We stayed in Spokane with some family friends who spoiled us rotten with good food and lots of cake. And on Sunday we spent the day cheering on all our friends in the race. As is the case with Ironman races it was an inspiring and motivating day of racing and the most perfect way to spend my birthday weekend. So with that let the countdown begin to my big 30 and my second Ironman race! Bring on the training :D