Dec 3, 2006

weekend in review

I started the weekend off with hot yoga fallowed by doing some weight training focusing on legs including a bunch of the pt exercises for my foot. I made sure to do extra sets on my left side to start balancing out. I also added a few bicep curls and shoulder presses while I did one leg squats on the balance board to make things more challenging. Kyle coached all day and said the skiing was really good at Alpental - I guess they even opened International.
Sunday I ran with Steph - who is still recovering from a broken rib and has only just started running a mile or two - so we took it easy and just ran around Beaver lake. It was very cold and the roads still had some snow/ice along the sides. Parts were super slippery. I felt really good and even though my legs were a bit sore from working out yesterday it just felt good to run again.
I considered going skiing today - but Kyle called and said it sort of sucked - frozen and they did not groom so it is just bumpy and hard. I guess I'm now officially a fair weather/condition skier. lol who would have ever thought that would happen. I did watch some good ski racing on tv for a bit anyway.
Some wonderful news is that Colleen qualified for Boston today at the California International Marathon :) Yeah!! I know she worked really hard and she defiantly earned it.

I have been thinking a lot about whats next - since I don't have any races coming up for a couple months. First off I want to be able to run 10 miles with ease at a 9 min mile pace. I need to build my endurance and speed swimming. Build up and balance out my overall muscle strength esp in my core. Though mainly I need to not get bored and stay focused on the big prize/challenge of IMC - which I'm sure will be here before I know it.

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