Apr 30, 2007

good and bad

I'll start with the good - I had another great swim this morning. I swam 2500yrds in 54 min - 300 warm up, 100 - 1:46, 600 - 11:40, 200, 500 - 9:42, 300, 400, 100 cool down. I felt pretty good - my legs were kind of heavy feeling from the weekend of hills but I kind of expected that - my calves are still a bit sore but no foot pain. Anyway I focused on swimming strong throughout the longer sets and used the shorter sets to recover. I also kept my form strong - which kept my shoulder from hurting :)
On to the bad thing - last night my eyes started itch and this morning I woke up with a slight soar throat, sinus congestion.. I have never really had allergies before but it seems I might have some now. The worst part is my eyes itch every time I blink - it is driving me nuts - I tried eye drops, some benadryl and they did nothing to help. I was even hoping that the chlorine in the pool this morning might help - but of course I was not that lucky. I am just hoping that since this week is a partial taper/recovery week before Vancouver Half on Sunday I can get some extra rest and it will all go away.

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