Apr 17, 2007

outrunning the rain

Tonight I ran with Kyle and Briana (I hope that is spelled right) at the Bellevue Park half mile track which is a nice packed gravel loop. Kyle of course took off at mock five - which is to be expected of him. Brianna and I just chatted away as we ran - I was only planning on running a 9 min mile pace (nice and easy) but I just kept up with her since we were talking and she was running faster than that. It was not to bad but my legs were a little fatigued still from the weekend. I stayed with her till the last half mile when my right foot started to hurt so I slowed down a bit. Still I managed to finish the 4 miles in 29.10.65. I have a hard time believing it but that is what my watch says and the first half mile was 3.23 which adds up about right I guess.. Kyle laughs at me - he knows I can run that fast and doesn't understand why I don't think I can... I'm making sure to fully ice my right foot and shin - my foot will be fallowing up with some time on the tennis ball to keep everything in check and not get any worse.

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Coach Tammy said...

Is that Breanna who goes to Bastyr? Cuz I'm sure there's only ONE Breanna who lives on the Eastside and is a runner. right? ;P