Apr 3, 2007

full nights sleep

Last night I really wanted to get a full nights sleep - no waking up 5 time or anything. I had a bad migraine and took some Excedrin pm to help deal with that. I feel asleep in the living room around 8:30pm (I think) and was in bed before 10p. Finally I did not wake up at all - I'm not sure if it was the Excedrin or how tired I was but either way it was nice to get some sleep. The downfall was that I liked it soo much that I did not get out of bed till 6:45a which left me no time to get my morning work out in. So my plan is to brick it tonight - ride 15 miles then run the 4 I was going to do this morning - which will be good for me anways. Hopefully it will be warmer then the current 35 degrees and still just as sunny and wonderfully nice outside.

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Tammy said...

It was a gorgeous afternoon/evening. I hope your brick went splendidly :)