Apr 14, 2007

12 mile run

Very early this morning I joined Bryan and Col for a group run out on the Cedar River Trail in/near renton. Col did not run but helped support the run/ride for her friend Lesely while Bryan and I got to run the 12 mile out and back. It was great they had water out on the trail, had marked the route every half mile so you knew exactly what your pace was and there were a bunch of other people out on the trail with you. Col/Lesley had Bryan and I stagger our starts so that Bryan would eventually catch me and maybe we would/could run together..
I got started a little before 7:30a and my legs felt pretty good from the start - though it was initially kind of cold and chilly but I warmed up with in a mile or so. One of the good things was that only the first (and last) mile were on pavement - the rest was on very well packed gravelish trails which kept my lower legs and feet from hurting. I never really had any negatives during the run - muscles would ache for a second then go away. It was great I was even able to eat my gels while continuing to run. The only thing was I should have taken some salt before I got started - I only got a little salty around mile 10/11 - not a huge deal but I think it would have helped.
In the end I managed to average under a 9 min mile pace the entire 12 miles :) and Bryan did not catch/pass me till the very last half mile! Final time was 1:44:13 - my goal had been around 1:46 to 1:55 - I always love when I beat my goals :) esp considering the last time I ran 12 miles it took 2:06 on a very similar route.
After the run I got home, stretched some more and after showering proceeded to take an hour+ long nap. When I woke up my legs already felt a bit tight and stiff especially my quads - which I think is weird. So we will see how my 40 mile bike ride tomorrow goes.. Hopefully the crew picks a not to hilly route (hint hint).

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