Apr 29, 2007

hilly run

On this lovely day I ran 6 mile loop that is 2 miles downhill to warm up then 4 miles of climbing back up. From the start I was surprised how good my legs felt since I did a hilly ride yesterday. Of course the first 2 miles were faster since it is all downhill - 7:30 each. The rest of the way was slower since it was all uphill. I pushed myself to keep a good pace on all the hills. I ran mostly on the sidewalks which always seems to make my foot and lower legs ache a little more than normal - today I did feel a bit of an ache in my foot but nothing to bad (like a 2 out of 10). Since I felt good I picked up the pace a bit for the last quarter mile for a total time of 48.54 which I'm happy with - esp because it felt relatively easy - I still had energy at the end and I never died on any of the hills just kept going and felt strong the whole way.
Now I'm just icing my foot (just to be safe) and watching a saved brodcast of Ironman Florida :)

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Steven said...

Keep icing that foot and maybe pop some Advil from time to time for a few days. You don't need a plantar issue!
Nice run, BTW.