Apr 13, 2007

morning swim

This morning I dragged myself out of bed - I was awake before 5a but once I needed to get the pool I just had a hard time getting out of my warm comfy bed to go get in the pool. So I got to the pool later that I would have liked and it took me longer than usual to get focused and warmed up.. I did 300 warm up, 300 x 2, 200 x 6, 300 x 2 w/ flip turns, 100 cool down. I did not really feel like I was on top of things till more than half way through the main sets - I felt the best the last 600 yrds when I did flip turns. It just felt more continious and less like a gerbal. My flip turns have also gotten better - still not super fast or time saving but at least they are less all over the place. My shoulder kind of bothered me the entire swim - no matter what I was doing.. It is not super painful just annoying and tiring. so we will see..

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