Apr 22, 2007

catching up

Lets see I left off on Tuesday so Wednesday I did an hour 15 minute bike ride in the evening, Thursday I worked in the garden with my mom, and Friday I swam 2500 yrds in 55 minutes. I had also planned to run 5 miles on Friday night but instead I went and had acupuncture for the head ache that has been plaguing me all week. Nothing else was helping and it was horribly pain full, causing me to feel nauseous and all together out of it. I have had this before and acupuncture has always been the key to getting rid of it - it seemed to help afterwards I had no more head ache.
Saturday Col, Kyle and I went for a bike ride - we started from Marymoore and headed north up to Snohomish making our way through Redmond and Woodenvill and then back. Initially I felt ok but soon in my head started to pound and I just felt tired which made the first 30 miles or so really hard - I just tried to stay with Col and not let the head ache effect me to much. Luckily it faded away on the ride back and I felt great.
At some point we caught up with a Cascade Bicycle group ride that was way to large for its own good.. The first hill they came to they pilled up 4 across blocking traffic and anyone from passing them. It was very frustrating. On a long hill climb we just kept passing them - a lot of which did not have the best road skills. It was scary just having to be near this group. We spent the entire series of hills passing people - I stayed behind Col most of the way - I felt really strong the whole time - so good in fact that Col let me lead the last bit of hill. Kyle was shocked to see me come up the hill in front of her actually. It was really cool and made me feel even better that all my work is paying off. Once we pass the entire group including some guys that really seemed to have a hard time letting two girls pass them (hehe) we considered stopping to eat at the Maltby Cafe but decided we would rather get out further in front of that group of riders. The rest of the ride back was easy comparable and I was just shocked at how good I felt esp since the way out was so bad. I was able to keep my energy up all the way back to the cars which is new experience on a long ride for me. We did 59ish miles in about 3:43 with no rain or flats.
Sunday I met Col to do a morning run - we did 8 miles of a 13 mile loop from Magnusion Park to greenlake through the Ballard locks and Fremont. My legs felt tired but Col set a great pace and I just tagged along. The route was pretty good except running up Stoneway around mile 6.5ish was horrible by the end my legs felt so heavy it was hard to just keep moving one foot in front of the other - but I somehow did. We finished the 8+ miles in 1:11:31 which kept our over all pace just under 9 min miles which was great from having tired legs already :)
After the run Col had invited me to join her for a lululemon yoga promotion - so we rushed and changed into yoga attire and did probably an hour worth of yoga. It was weird usually I do really well on balance moves but my legs were so tired they just would not stabilise and just shook. Though it was hard it probably really helped stretch my entire body out after a good weekend of training.

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