Apr 11, 2007

recovery week recap

Monday I did a strength work out - starting off with 20 min of cardio on the elliptical then stretched out fully while I was warmed up. I did a full circuit style work out mixing upper body and lower body stuff and finished with abs and some of the pt exercised for my foot. I felt like doing some more cardio so I then did 20 min on the strair mill just for fun. I have been thoroughly scolded for doing more that I should but oh well. My left foot really hurt the rest of the day - not when I walked but otherwise anytime I moved my foot. I started icing every couple of hours which seemed to help quite a bit.
Tuesday I spent an hour on the bike in the morning in an effort to give my left foot a brake. The plan was to swim in the evening with Col but she is dealing with a shoulder injury/issue so that was switched to a run. Luckily my foot did not hurt at all - I guess the icing the day before really helped. So last night Bryan, Col and I ran the full 5 mile loop around green lake and by teh zoo. My legs felt kind of heavy and generally tired - which I guess is not a shock considering I had done some form of leg work out the last 5 days... Bryan was running well and I was not able to keep up with him but I still finished in 44:12 which is not bad for a recovery/easy run. After I got home I iced my right shin and my left foot (not that it hurt but just in case).
This morning I swam 2300 yrds - it was kind of weird half of the time I was swimming in a completely empty pool which is rather unheard of. I focused on good form and trying to reduce the number of strokes per length of the pool. I did 400 warm up, 200 drills, 400 x 4 - 30 second rest, 50 hard - 1:45, 50 cool downfor a total of about 48 min including rests. I felt pretty good, legs were somewhat heavy but not to bad, my shoulder never gave me to much pain which is always nice and it felt good to be in the water.
Tomorrow is my full rest day or no work outs allowed day though I always have dinner with my mom and I kind of suspect that we will be working in the garden again - which is always fun and reminds me of when I was a kid :)

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