Apr 28, 2007

group ride

Bright and early this morning Steph, Bryan, Col, Kyle and I met up at Marymoore to do a 50ish mile ride fallowing the 2006 Flying wheels route. By 9am it was already warming up so for the first time this season I did not wear capris or leg warmers :) a sure sign that spring is in effect. Anyway we headed out - I felt generally pretty good - no head ache like last week - I did have a hard time finding a comfy position on my seat (which I have now exchanged for a different model). I was surprised that at the first steep hill (Inglewood hill) I actually felt really strong and stayed closer to the guys than usual - I think Kyle was actually shocked that I was so close. It was mostly like that the rest of the ride - I just felt strong. I think the best part was on the long stair step climb I passed two guys that had sat in front of me the beginning part of the climb and did not pace them selves very well - and I still had energy and just went right by them. Bryan got a flat at the beginning of that hill and I think after that he was ready to be done with the ride. We cruised back and around the lake and I lost my chain - Col helped me figure out how to fix it since I had no clue.
I'm not sure if we messed up somewhere and did not fallow the route right but the ride was only about 45ish miles rather than 50 - which is fine I still had a lot of fun and felt great the entire way. Also I finally proved to myself that I can climb/ride with the crew with out being dropped anymore and I have earned my bike (I can ride it how it deserves to be ridden). I'm also very happy with how well all my training is coming together - I think I will be well prepared for Hawaii 70.3 in a month and am well on my way for Ironman Canada.

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