Apr 1, 2007

I'm very lucky

I had a hard weekend that really forced me to push myself just to hang with the crew. It is always hard to be the underdog and that is exactly what I am. I have the least amount of experience in everything and the furthest to go. As everyone reminds me I have come a long way and am doing great. Still it is always hard being in the back of the pack. At the same time I treasure every chance I get to train with all or anyone of our little crew because I know I will have to push myself to hang and that I'm very lucky to have crew as good as them to train with. Every time I'm lucky enough to train with them it will only make me stronger, faster and more ready for what is to come. I hope they know this. I really do appreciate being a part of such a great group. So just want to say thanks for pushing me Col, Steph, Bryan and Kyle :) I can't wait for the next chance I get to try and keep up with any of you and thanks for putting up with me following behind.

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