Apr 24, 2007

it actually feels like spring

Monday I took as my rest day - just had to many other things going on to get a work out - even an easy one in.
Today I went to work super crazy early (6:30a) which meant I got to leave early to :) So I did my strength work out in the afternoon - mostly just upper body stuff, some shoulder specific things, abs and only one or two leg things to keep my foot happy. I really tried not to push my shoulder to much so that it would not ache or tighten up afterwards - so far so good - though I will really see tomorrow when I swim.
Later on I met up with Col and miss Piper dog for a 5 mile run around green lake and through the park with a few hills and piper was the pace dog so we had a few tempos mixed in randomly. I mostly felt good, a little warm but not to bad - no foot or lower leg pain which is always a good thing. The main mile long hill was a bit of a challenge - but it always is - my mouth just got really dry. We finished in about 44 min with a bit of day light still left :) All and all a good day.

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