Apr 7, 2007

adjusting plans

Well lets see - first a recap for the last couple of days. Thursday was my rest day - though my mom came over for "dinner" and decided we should clean my back yard instead - essentially putting me to work in my own yard. lol you got to love moms..
Lets see Friday morning I swam 2000 yrds in about 45 min taking it nice and easy - I did 200 drills to focus on good form to help take some pressure off my shoulder some.
Friday night I ran 5 miles in about 45 min. I waited till about 7:30ish to get started so that the sun was going down since it was sooo warm out and even still felt warm wearing just a tank top and shorts. It was amazing how many other people and families were still outside - it really felt like the first taste of summer. I felt pretty good - as usual these days my shins and calves were a bit tight to start but once I got warmed up they felt better. The only issue was my mouth felt super dry the entire way - of course since it was only 5 miles I did not bring any water with me so I had to just make due.
Today got all mixed up - I had planned on riding 50 miles with Col and Bryan but Kyle was able to get an earlier flight home from Boston which arrived back at 11am - right when Col and Bryan were going to start the ride. I decided to put Kyle first since he hates taking town cars and I had kept the truck at home.. Kyle said he would still ride with me - but once he got back he was kind of warn down from all the travel - which is to be expected but it effect my plan for the day. So around 3pm we headed out (luckily the rain finally stopped) and we did the Samm lake loop from the house - which adds a good hill climb in in the last 5 miles. Kyle must have been really tired because he mostly let me lead - which is unheard of for Kyle with almost anyone. lol I rode pretty hard (Kyle make it look easy - which it probably was for him) - we did 24 miles in 1:24 and averaged about 17 mph. We were both super warm since we dressed for rain - my knees were sweating because I wore capris lol.
I did get to test out my new saddle - the fi'zi:k Arione Wing Flex. It was ok - it felt like it was a bit to far back - so I will move it forward a bit and see if that makes it better.. They also ajusted my handlebars - which felt like it helped my wrist a lot.
Tomorrow is still up in the air - I figure if it is nice out I will do a brick with kyle and Steph - bike 35, then run 6ish. If it is raining then I will probably just do an 8 mile run - maybe with Col.. Just have to wait and see..

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