Apr 8, 2007

easter brick

Since the weather was really nice this morning I joined Steph and Kyle for a bike ride. We started from the park and road out on the trail to warm up (and that way if we were to warm or cold we could stop by the cars to change clothes) for 7 miles then headed back - paused at the cars so that Steph could shed her jacket and leg warmers. Then we road out on east lake samm for a while and then back for a total of 27.7 miles in 1:34. It was super cold to start and the word rain was even mentioned but luckily it warmed up and the sun came out to make the ride very enjoyable.
Then right after the ride Kyle and I ran 6.7 miles (only planned 6) out on the gravel trail on east lake samm. Steph told us the general mile mark for half way as the Inglemore hill road intersection.. From the start I was not really feeling the run - by now it was full sun and pretty warm out I had not brought my fuel belt with me and I missed it greatly the entire run. I also forgot to wear my watch - which really messed me up mentally - I'm so used to just checking how long I have been running and/or pace. I had a gel and a bit of water before we got started and it felt like it just sat in my stomach.. It was even worse at half way when I took another gel and did not have any water to help dilute/digest it. That and I did not take any salt before or during either work outs - with the heat I was sweating a lot of salt (well when I say a lot it is nothing compared to kyle ;) hehe) - my stomach felt horrible but I figured I needed to finish what I started so I just kept going. It felt like the longest 6 miles ever - which was right on since it was really 6.7 miles.. A nice thing was that since it was a gravel path my shins and calves never really got to tight or anything. I had started with arm warmers and those were tucked into the back of my shorts at about a quarter of a mile. lol what was I thinking wearing them..
Kyle started to worry about me and started walk back out on the trail after I had been out there for almost an hour and he knew I have been averaging under 9 min miles lately and I was overdue. Luckily he brought some water with him and was sweet enough to share which made the last quarter mile a bit better.
Though I have to say I may not have felt that great but I did enjoy myself and was happy I was out running the whole way. I could not think of anywhere or anything else I would rather do on such a lovely day. That said I was also glad to finish even thought at the time I though I had just finished my slowest 6 miles since last October.. Afterward I drank a bottle of water and we got some sandwiches at subway - I could only really eat half of mine. When we got home I iced up my shins and calves and figured out the actual distance we ran on gmaps - both good things :)

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