Apr 27, 2007

not a fluke

a bit of a catch up on my training - Wednesday night I went for an hour bike ride out and down around part of lake samm and back to my house. It rained a little bit but nothing to bad - I felt pretty good and did not really have to push myself very hard even up a fairly steep long hill back to my house.
Yesterday morning I ran 4 miles with four 2 min pick ups mixed in. I felt good, no foot or leg pain to speak of and I was able to keep my pace up pretty easily. I really enjoyed doing speed work again.
In the evening I worked in the garden with my mom - which really worked my back/arms since we were pruning back these big flax plants. Afterwards I stretched and then iced my shoulder.
This morning I swam again :) and I was able to hit the same pace as on Wednesday morning - so it was not just a random good day I now can average a pace under 2min on longer sets and I can do a 100yrds in 1:45 with out dying afterwards :) Today I did 2500 yrds in 53 min - 300 w/u, 100-1:45, 600-11:47, 200-3:44, 500-9:55, 300-5:52, 400-7:46, 100 cool down. Another good thing is even though I pushed my shoulder a bit last night I did not have any real pain today when I swam :)

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