Jan 30, 2007

evening swim

Right now I'm super tired but I felt good during my swim with Col tonight. She pushed me hard with 100 yrd "sprints" with short rests to help me get faster and all that. I can't rember the specifics right now.. but I think it was -
warm up 400
drills 200
5 x 100 w/ 15 - 20 second rests - about 1:55 each
200 w/ pull buoy
100 drafting
maybe 3 x 100 w/ 10 second rest - 1:53 fastest
200 w/ pull buoy
100 sprint - 1:52
50 cool down
Col said something like 1950 total yrds.
My legs still feel tight - they cramped up a bit when I used the pull buoy. Also I let my form go a bit when I was trying to swim faster which made my shoulder hurt a bit. Col noticed that I was pushing down and so I corrected and my shoulder soon felt better. I was happy with how I was able to push myself and swim hard even when I was out of breath. Next I need to start getting used to doing flip turns durring my sets. By the last "sprint" I was pretty tired but dug down and push my self as hard as I could.
On another note I need to work on eating more during the day. I'm not used to my new job and the routine but I need to bring more to eat and thus eat more. Right now I don't think I'm even getting 1000 calories a day. I'm going to try and track my meals again so I know for sure but will try and eat more and healthy food to.

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