Jan 19, 2007

pain like no other before

On Tuesday I was supposed to run 7 mile but with the snow and lack of coordination that day I postponed my long run for today. Bad idea.. Anyway. I spent a while trying to find a good place to run 7 miles on the east side - never really found anything that seemed good so I settled for the samm trail.. I took my ipod to keep me entertained. I also for the first time wore my fuel belt so I had some fluids and a gu. Of course as soon as I get to the trail it started raining. Anyway I ran 3.5 miles out on the trail - I felt ok a little tired, I had forgot my watch (arg) so I just focused on an even pace.
My left ankle/calf was tight so at half way I stoped to stretch it a bit - then I think it is my right IT band locked up around my knee - especially the outside. I could not even move it hurt so bad - but I was 3.5 miles away from my car.. So I tried massaging it and stretching it as much as I could then slowly walking which hurt a lot. Slowly it loosened enough for me to walk consistently. Then I tried to run again - it cramped so I went back to walking and tried again a couple times. Finally I was able to run a mile before it hurt to much again. So I walked some more. Tried running again and was able to a bit but not much I wound up walking the last mile completely. It sucked big time. It was not like anything that I have ever felt before - it was not like a bonking cramp or anything. I had a gu half way and Gatorade a couple time and some water with the gu. So I have no clue what happened but I do not like it. I'm just glad I was able to make it back to my car since I was alone - probably what kept me moving and that it was cold when I was not running. Even now it still hurts to walk. I streched my IT band and used the stick on my quads, IT, hamstrings and calves - it hurts most when I try and bend my knee.
On a brighter note I got the web design job at Starbucks and I start on Monday :)

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