Jan 29, 2007

back at it

This weekend I wish I could have been doing anything other than coaching/working a race - it felt like a waste of the wonder full sunny weather. But I had committed to helping so I spent all weekend standing on the hill getting a goggle sun/wind burn. The good thing was it confirmed to me that I am done with coaching this year - i need a break and have other interests. I do want to learn how to skate ski sometime this year - I think it would be a wonderful work out.
This morning I got back into the groove of things - I over slept a bit and missed a spin class but I still went and did 30 min on the elliptical to help loosen up my legs from the weekend and an upper body work out. It felt good to get back to working out again. I spent a good 20 min stretching to help loosen up - all my muscles still feel really tight and my calves are soar from standing in ski boots all day.
Other note the bike I was looking at (2006 cervelo R3) sold :( so now I'm going to look at some other bikes and see if I like then better than my current bike.

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