Jan 18, 2007

fresh air

The weather held off long enough for Col and I to go for a ride outside. The back roads still have snow and ice on them but we were determined to get off our trainers and get outside for a longer ride. We thought we would try the Samm trail since the roads are covered in sand. We gout out 4 miles or so and the trail was covered in snow and ice which was really sketchy on road bikes. We turned around and went back with a head wind. By the time we got back to the park both of us had to shed a layer. So that we got a longer ride we decided to brave the sand on the west lake samm lake road. On the first uphill I started feeling some tightness in my left quad on the outside of the knee. Col suggested it my just be a tight IT band pulling on it - as a quick fix she suggested I turn my toe out slightly and it seemed to help. It never got worse which is good.
The road conditions sucked it was either gravel on the side or crack, with gravel and other debris. Right by the little store Colleen tried to avoid a large pot hole on the shoulder by going into the roadway and her bike slipped on the gap between the surfaces. Luckily it is winter and she was wearing lots of layers - turned out to be good protection. At this point we turned around and went back. We were both way more cautious on the way back.
Since my bike computer did not want to work I have no idea how long we rode, how fast, how many miles (I think Col said 22 but not sure) - so a new bike computer has been added to my long list of things I need...
I have to say yes the conditions sucked but it was sooo great to be outside again and actually go somewhere when I turned the pedals. I'm not so sure Col would agree.. But we both proved we are tuff chicks just by being out there and Col is a super tuff chick by getting up after that fall and riding back. As always my coach is an amazing inspiration to me especially in the tuff moments.

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