Jan 14, 2007

watch your step

The weekend flew by.. Saturday I went up to Hyak and coached skiing - though there was a mix up or bad planning and I really did not need to be there. Super annoying but oh well I could have run a 10k with kyle but whatever it was a relatively nice day... I had planned on getting a swim in afterwards but instead I fell asleep on the coach for 2 plus hours..
Sunday I did not bother going up to coach - so I tried to sleep in and then watched the Seahawks game - which was disappointing... My calves were/are sore and I feel kind of tired still. In the evening Kyle and I went swimming together :). The plan was to do somewhere between 1600 and 1800 yrds total depending on how we felt.
warm up 300
drills 200
150 x 2
100 x 3
50 x 4
Total 1800 yrds Total time around 45 min
I felt ok - kind of tired and I had a really bad headache. I averaged between 55 - 60 second per 50 yrds and tried to stay focused the entire time - no spacing out... After doing my main sets I goofed off and practiced flip turns and stuff with Kyle. It made my weekend to get to swim/workout with Kyle - we never get to spend enough time doing things together.
Hopefully this week I will really get rid of the last of this dumb cold and the snow/ice will melt so I don't fall again going to the mail box. I bruised my elbow and my hip (not fun). It is strange but I'm soo ready for warm dry weather again.

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