Jan 1, 2007

starting 2007 right

Friday I was bad and let the stress from not knowing the status of my job keep me from doing my workout. I kind of broke down and the only thing I did was have a massage - but I had no motivation to do much of anything else. I felt/feel bad about how sporadic I have been on my work outs lately. I should not let this other stuff get in the way esp since I have no control over it and I do have control over if I do my work outs.

I sort of made up for the missed work out by skiing on Saturday and Sunday - well more specifically I worked/coached for a ski race both days which involves being on the hill by 7am, caring gear, setting up girls and guys courses, maintaining both, resetting for second run, maintaining, then pulling everything down - no real breaks and you eat a lunch on the go. Saturday was giant slalom, it was super cold and the fog never really cleared, the courses held up fairly well considering the snow was so soft (not ideal for racing). I don't think I ate enough - I had a bad headache all day (like if I don't eat after a run). We got home around 5:30 or so and even though I had wanted to go for a swim to make up for Friday and to loosen up after shivering all day I fell asleep on the coach around 7p and was in bed by 9pm.
Sunday was slalom - always more work involved - the snow was so soft we had to put wood shims/wedges on all the gates just to try and keep them in the snow. I covered the last 20 gates or so of the hill - so if a gate came loose I ran up or down to it wrenched/screwed it back in and tried to make it stay that way. The girls courses held up ok - only the first 40 girls or so really even hit the gates hard enough to make them come loose. But the guys really beat up a course - the gates just did not stay tight no matter how many wedges I put in or how much I wrenched them in. So I would say Sunday was equal to climbing stairs from 9 am to 4pm in ski boots. I was actually surprised at how easy it was - I was able to run up the hill with out breathing to hard (I guess that is why I got to cover so many gates). Though by 2pm or so I was tired and had already taken my two gels, a bar and my lunch - but no headache :). I think the new Accelerade gels - helped keep me from getting a headache - not to thick, taste good and have protein. The good thing was all that running up and down kept me way warmer even though the temps were lower. But the bad thing was by the end of the day my feet and calves killed (from using my boot to bang in the wedges and ski boots are not really meant for running up and down hills all day). I was completely exhausted. I trided to stay up for New Years but fell asleep around 9pm - Kyle woke me up at 12 to say happy new year and we were both back asleep :)
Today I woke up not being able to walk because my calves hurt so I stayed in bed till 9 or so. I thought about swimming today instead of the planned 4-5 mile run but it bothered me so much to miss my work out on Friday, so even though it hurt to walk I went out and did a 4.4 mile run. I ran 2.2 miles down hill to my dads house and then 2.2 miles back up hill to get home. My calves did ok on the run down hill, but the bone spur on my heel was already raw and kind of hurt, my legs just felt heavy. The run back was very hard - it is a gradual long hill back and my calves and hamstrings just plain hurt but I kept going and kept my pace up as much as I could. My total time was 32.16.53 - 1st half was 14.16 and the 2nd was 18.00.53. Afterwards I stretched and had a smoothie. Even though I am tired and very sore I'm very happy I actually made it out and did my run :) In the future I'm not so sure about doing a run the day after skiing for 2 days straight.

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