Jan 3, 2007

still recovering it seems

Yesterday I did Pilate's in the morning - my legs and back were sooo tight some of the stretches were sort of painful. But afterwards I could walk and only felt the lactic acid going down stairs.
Later in the evening I met Col at the pool. I felt generally kind of tired but I thought nothing of it till I swam so slow I thought I would sink.
We did 300 - warm up, 200 - drills, 300, 150 x 2, 100 x 3, 50 x 4 (wanted to do 6 but ran out of time).
My 100s are usually around 1:50 but last night they were closer to 2:10 :( oh well. We did the 50's as a 25 sprint and 25 recover I was at least able to do 25 sec sprint.
This morning I woke up with a sore throat :( but went to spinning for 60 min - I took it a little easy since my legs are still tired and I'm not feeling my best. I really like the Wednesday morning class - it is focused on endurance and maintaining a higher cadence with resistance for longer periods of time. Though spinning just makes me want to get outside and ride. After the class I stretched out my legs as much as possible and did an arm work out.
I think I may take tomorrow as my rest day and do the planned 3 mile run on Friday - just to get my system back in gear.

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