Jan 9, 2007

flip turns

This morning I got up ever earlier 5:10am to go swimming. I warmed up and swam about 600 yrds before a swim lesson. I still felt slow but it was good to be in the water.
The lesson was really about fine tuning and remembering everything. So he started out with my hand/arm position - I guess I was letting my right arm drift inside. So I did the usual drills but being aware of where and how lined up my arm was (like railroad tracks) at the same time remembering to rotate. Then focused on the catch, or using my hand and wrist to almost grab the water to pull against. I did the fist drill to exaggerate it and to really feel it on my wrist and arm. Next was to focus on really reach or stretch out - he talked about it as being aware of or focusing on using the forward motion or something like that. I guess really good swimmers are moving forward rather than pulling back or something.. Ah well I can't describe it but by this time I feel really good - no more slow sinking feeling. lol
Then he taught me how to do a flip turn. Starting with doing a somersault - of course I forgot to blow air out and got water up my nose.. Next did a somersault half way down the pool length and kept going with out pushing off the bottom - no water up my nose this time :) Anyway by the end of the progression I could do a kick turn off the wall - half the time I'm to far away but I'll figure it out the more I practice. Afterwards the lap pool was packed so I just practiced my flip turns in the recreation pool (which was crazy warm and has no lines) but no one to hit. lol
Since I'm only sort of working so I'm splitting up my work outs to entertain myself. Later today I will do a 4 mile run. Also I have started meal tracking really just because traininpeaks offered it. It is very obvious that I don't eat enough and I defiantly need more protein.. So I'm going to start focusing more on nutrition and getting more than 1200 calories a day would be good to... The weird thing is I only eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full - but I guess I can't go on that any more (or I should eat more super high calorie foods).

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