Jan 7, 2007

another stormy weekend

I'm really looking forward to when everything including the weather just calm down. On Friday night around 12:30 pm a tree fell on Kyle's mom's house - right through the kitchen and living room the only thing that stopped it was a bean across the roof line of the house. Saturday we went out and helped her clean up and Kyle chopped the wood after the tree guys got it off the house. I kind of just helped out where I could and made sure she was eating and doing ok. So I did not get a chance to do any real work out other than cleaning up branches and such.

Sunday we planned on going snowshoeing but the pass was closed on and off so Bman, Col and I met to do a 5 mile run instead. We did the loop around green lake and up to the zoo and stuff. It was crazy windy the entire time at one point I actually was blown into the side of a power pole - "at least it kept me from going into the road" but it kind of hurt. In general I felt pretty good - still a little rundown from the cold and dehydrated. I got little dizzy on the last mile but I kept up fairly well with Bman and sort of with Col (well not really but she went easy). Total time was 47.32.56.
Later we all hung out while Bman watched football and Col checked out Training Peaks online training planner. So she did a 7 day free trial to see if we all like it. So far I totally love it but I like tracking my workouts and stuff - who knows if anyone else in the group will go for it but so far I love it - now I don't have to do any of the math. It also tracks meals so maybe it will help motivate and remind me to eat heathy. It even does a public summery report URL - http://www.TrainingPeaks.com/snowygrl

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